Game On: App Marketers Increase Engagement With Native Ads


ADOTAS With the success of many online and mobile games, companies are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to targeting these users.

Mobile marketing companies such as Trademob have looked beyond banner ads and see the potential native ads have to better engage gamers.

Trademob’s primary goal is getting mobile apps noticed. By figuring the best methods to achieve that goal, Trademob focuses on marketing apps efficiently and effectively to consumers who all want the extra boost in their virtual gaming.

So put down your Candy Crush Saga for just a second and pay attention to the ads.  Those annoying banners on mobile games could be gone forever in exchange for ads that are more interactive and offer incentives.

“Incentivized ads are one of the most common and most successful in terms of conversion rates,” said Trademob CEO Ravi Kamran.  “Since users are rewarded with virtual currency or premium in-game content, they are the ones who actually seek out the ad offers.”

Users will be able to interact with ads through CPI and CPA campaigns.  CPI awards them with the virtual currency and premium content, while CPA campaigns require users to download an app and reach a certain level before receiving their reward.  Both platforms are designed to achieve higher conversion rates.

In addition, users will be able to select which ads they would like to see based on the inventory for their region.

“The most common practice used is offer walls,” Kamran said. “With offer walls, users can scroll through the available offers and select the ones they like best.”

Users will now feel like they have the advantage over companies by being able to pick and choose the ads they want to interact with in order to score major in-game rewards.

“The biggest advantage for app users is that they get apps and other content for free,” said Kamran. “They get access to this content by spending their time instead of their money.”

Users are not the only ones taking advantage of this; brands are also jumping in to get their content exposed to wider audiences.

“Advertisers are able to reach a highly engaged, expansive and attractive audience,” said Kamran. “Along with the rapid adoption rates of smartphones and tablets and time spent engaging with mobile devices, about one-third of app time is spent on games. With incentivize ads, developers are able to acquire a large amount of users in a short time frame, which has the potential to boost their app ranking and ultimately leads to a number of additional organic installs.”

As that occurs, Kamran said, more and more app developers will look to capitalize on those results by ditching banners for native ads.


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