Ad Design Company Dispop Secures $600K to Launch Crowdsourced Ad Contest Marketplace


ADOTAS — Crowdsourced design provides a way for brands and agencies to create marketing materials on shoestring budgets. Today, companies are still recovering from the economic recession and have been searching for more nimble ways to cut overhead costs to remain competitive. 99Designs and Crowdspring were the first-generation companies that introduced a way to solicit creatives from a network of designers, but newcomer Dispop today announced the next evolution of crowdsourced ad design through its new marketplace that honors multiple designers for each contest, instead of just one like on competing platforms.

Dispop allows advertisers to launch ad design contests to tap into a vast network of designers, A/B test multiple banner variations and find the best performing ads for their online campaigns. Dispop also announced it has secured $600K in seed funding from Inimiti Capital Partners.

“According to the IAB, 2012 display ad revenues hit record-braking double-digit growth, reaching $12 Billion” said Alon Geva, General Partner at Inimiti.  “Online and mobile display is poised for growth and we made this investment in Dispop to power a novel marketplace to match advertisers with talented designers and provide them with the technology to identify the best performing design out of a large number of versions created by different professional designers.”

Dispop aims to streamline the ad design process by providing the opportunity for marketers to source high volumes of quality designs in a matter of days and find the best performing ads based on live data rather than on subjective individual tastes. Advertisers enter their creative brief with their requirements. Within days, dozens of banner designs are created by multiple designers.

The advertisers select the banners they wish to run, sync up their Google, Facebook or DSP account and launch their campaign. Immediately results start pouring in and the banners that deliver the most clicks or conversions “win” the contest. In order to continuously maximize campaign performance the designers keep adding fresh creative variations.

“It is essential for brands and marketers to know what designs really work in the real world of the Internet and with our marketplace customers can easily test different versions of their ads and see which ones actually show results,” explained Ayal Ebert, Dispop CEO and co-founder.  “It can be very interesting and surprising to see that ads we think are better-looking are actually not very effective.  It is really impossible to guess which ads do best without the tests.”

Dispop was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in New York, when co-founders Ebert and Guy Falkovitch — the entrepreneurs behind DesignPax — recognized the need to streamline the process of ad design, delivery and optimization. Since its inception, Dispop and its parent company DesignPax, has created over 22,700 online ads, resulting in an average CTR lift of 37%.

Dispop will use funding from Inimiti to expand its U.S. operations and establish new partnerships with DSPs, ad networks and agency trading desks.


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