VIDEO: Content Marketing Tips & SEO Strategies Panel at NYU


ADOTAS — The impact of digital technology and social media is transforming the way public relations professionals think about content. Whether it’s a digital press release, a video, or a website, PR must contribute to the content strategy if it wants to participate in the marketing cycle at all.  This will require building an understanding of SEO and learning how PR can help people discover content at the delivery stage. Smart PR teams are already evolving as they seek to emerge as valuable participants in the full life cycle, with SEO and inbound marketers as their new best friends.

According to Matthew Capala (pictured), Head of Search at Profero and Adjunct Professor at NYU:  “In a world where bloggers are journalists and consumers look for news on Google and YouTube, SEO and PR teams need to be like husband and wife: synched up and synergized. Traditional link building is dead and needs to be replaced by innovative content promotion strategies, centered around PR outreach and leveraging existing brand’s relationships. For enterprise-level brands digital PR is the link building 2.0, but only if SEO is involved. Together, SEO and PR have become the core business channels. Operating in silos they face a risk of becoming irrelevant.

Some of the best SEOs and content marketers recently came together at NYU for an innovative interactive panel-format lecture.  The conversation and tools they shared point to some of the areas where dramatic changes are taking place.



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