Unleash the Power of Mobile: 6 Steps to Lead Generation the ‘Iron Man’ Way


ADOTAS — Tony Stark aka Iron Man is restless. The self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist sits alone, building dozens of Iron Man suits, while girlfriend Pepper Potts frets. Tony’s obsession with technology causes a love triangle — between himself, Pepper, and those amazing suits.

While most of us don’t claim Tony’s attachment to armor wear, we have developed a full-fledged obsession with another kind of technology: our phones. 4.3 billion (60%) of us now have at least one phone and we look at them on average 150 times per day (Tomi Ahonen, 2013). It’s the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we check at night.

We love texting, calling, our clock and alarm, calendar, camera, web browser, games, music, news alerts, and much, much more. We use them to research all different kind of products and services, find the best prices, and locate the nearest outlet for purchase. According to the 15miles/Neustar Localeze Sixth Annual Local Search Study, for more than half of all people, search is the number one function performed on mobile devices.

Consumers now expect mobile availability of the brands they depend on. Mobile sales are already driving 20% of all e-commerce sales (Business Insider). A mobile-friendly website is now a requirement for businesses in all industries.

Using Mobile for Lead Generation

Succeeding in today’s crowded marketplace means attracting and maintaining high levels of brand engagement. Innovative businesses are realizing the opportunities that mobile presents for optimizing the digital engagement path including lead generation. Savvy sales and marketing professionals who grasp the possibilities of mobile will be able to unleash the power of their lead generation programs and find their inner Tony Starks.

Over 1 million new smartphones are activated every day. This summer we’ll hit the “mobile moment” when for the first time a consumer technology will match the human population in size (7 billion and counting). By combining emerging mobile technology with sophisticated techniques of online advertising, brands can reach previously untapped markets to engage new customers in real-time, when they are closest to purchase.

How is mobile lead generation different than traditional methods? For both small-to-medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations, a lead is a person who has indicated interest in the company’s products or services. Online, a lead is traditionally defined as a person who has completed a landing page, supplying contact and business details in exchange for free information such as an email newsletter subscription, white paper, or other download. A mobile lead has responded to a mobile call to action. Since many mobile users have not been exposed to the same online marketing campaigns as PC/laptop users, they may be first-time customers and (possibly) of higher quality.

Here are six strategies for a successful mobile lead generation program.

1. Understand your mobile audience. All mobile phone users are not alike. Research your particular target by carrier, demographics, device, location, channel, publisher, and time of day and segment appropriately.

2. Use simple messaging. Clear visuals combined with a simple call to action and a sense of urgency will generate the best response. Motivate your target audience with incentives, limited time offers, or other added value proposition.

3. Build for all devices. Make sure that your mobile site is friendly and easy to navigate whether your target audience is using a Droid, iPhone, BlackBerry or other smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

4. Text. We love to text. According to comScore, the average number of texts currently exceeds call volume every month. Don’t overlook the ease of engaging customers via SMS.

5. Use click-to-call. Including click-to-call links on mobile banners, landing pages, and sponsored listings makes it easy for consumers to respond and easy for marketers to track.

6. Apply paid search. Optimizing your Google AdWords for mobile – by location, keyword, time or device type – and adding click-to-call allows you to reach a great pool of higher quality prospects.

Make Tony Stark Proud

The best mobile lead generation campaigns are founded on great offers, the expertise to target the right audiences, and highly-optimized mobile landing pages.  Mobile is valuable alone, but is even more powerful when incorporated into fully integrated cross-media campaign plans, including online, TV, print, radio, outdoor, and direct mail. Now is a great time to look closely at your mobile marketing strategy and to indulge in everyone’s latest technology obsession — no Iron Man suit needed.



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