The Top Three Ways a Premium Online Ad Network Delivers Scale and Localization


ADOTAS — In some ways, it’s easier than ever to mount a national online advertising campaign. Programmatic platforms and DIY advertising tools promise the opportunity to reach a target audience at scale, using technology that eliminates the untold hours advertisers would otherwise have to spend contacting sales teams from publisher sites around the country or the world.


But not all of these large-scale programmatic offerings solve the problems advertisers have in reaching their target audiences in local markets. Facebook and many other platforms use geo-targeting and publicly available user data to serve ads to the intended audience, but they don’t offer the opportunity to specifically target the kinds of publisher sites and vertical category pages where those ads will appear. If consumers aren’t seeing your ads — if they’re not positioned above the fold or adjacent to relevant content — the money you’ve spent for that inventory is wasted. From a branding perspective, it’s valuable for your ads to appear alongside content in trusted media sources, and on sites that cater to markets and verticals valuable to the advertiser. Advertisers and brands are increasingly acknowledging the merits of advertising on the local level, with local online advertising predicted to rise from $23.7 billion to $25.7 billion by the end of 2013.

To these ends, agencies and advertisers can turn to a premium online ad network. Networks like these promise ad placement with trusted media sources in countless local markets, through an integrated process and one point of contact. A premium ad network offers scale, convenience and potential for engagement with local audiences across specific industry verticals.

Here are the top three ways a premium ad network can deliver both scale and localized reach, in a way that’s convenient to the advertiser or agency:

Premium content adjacency. Above-the-fold inventory adjacent to premium content — the content most relevant to and valued by users — will always be premium inventory. It’s increasingly important to make sure your ads appear alongside premium content, and simple branding backs that up, with more than 60 percent of agencies and marketers saying premium content assists branding objectives. When consumers notice your ads near the targeted content they value, they’re more inclined to feel an affinity to your brand, which has a halo effect that spreads wherever else they go. Premium networks can guarantee placement adjacent to the content users most desire.

Engagement with the most active, relevant audiences. Users who rely on publishers for localized content specific to the daily concerns of their lives are engaged, curious and active both online and offline. The rise of local and hyperlocal publishing satisfies the needs of people who care about their communities and share relevant information with their networks. Without feet on the ground in hundreds or thousands of cities and towns, figuring out which publishers are most valued by those local users across the nation is a daunting task. But a network can pinpoint the most engaged and relevant audiences on those publisher sites through precision-based targeting – which marketers and agencies value. BIA Kelsey’s recent local media forecast underscored the value of local advertising, projecting $148.8 billion in 2017, up from $132.5 billion in 2012 over the next few years. Precision-based targeting allows advertisers to leverage local target audiences and give a regional or national campaign a local feel, by touching consumers at scale even when those consumers are engaging with localized content.

Less time on execution. Partnering with a premium ad network significantly lowers the time involved in executing a local campaign. Without these tools, advertisers would contact sales teams from local media properties, negotiate contracts, submit insertion orders and track performance metrics. A network can seamlessly deliver ads alongside relevant and engaging content for localized audiences in all your target markets through one source. That frees up valuable time for advertisers by saving them the trouble of getting bogged down in campaign execution and concentrate on campaign strategies that truly hit home with their target audiences.

A premium ad network can help advertisers reach engaged audiences quickly and easily, and target them online in a relevant and meaningful way. It offers the best of both worlds — scale, and engagement with specific, localized audiences.



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