Study: What Motivates Moms to Engage, Share and Make Purchases?

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May 10, 2013 
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ADOTAS — Moms influence $2.4 trillion in annual spend, and word-of-mouth from Moms can make or break a product. The question is, how do you motivate them to take action?

According to PunchTab’s research, released today, you should offer them rewards.

81% of moms said they would engage more with a brand when offered some type of reward. The study identifies which rewards are most effective at motivating behavior, and which actions moms would be willing to take in return for a reward. Interestingly, while some non-financial incentives – such as elite status or early access to products – were shown to be effective behavior motivators, gamification strategies such as leaderboards and badges were not. I’ve attached a few of the key findings below.

This is the first in a series of PunchTab studies that will look at what types of incentives actually work to motivate different audiences.

Select Findings:

1. Actions moms will take when provided with an incentive include:

  • 72% said they would take a survey or poll.
  • 59% said they would sign up for regular email updates.
  • 41% said they would share personal details and purchase behavior.
  • 41% said they would post a review.

2. Rewards can motivate moms to follow a brand on social channels:

  • 57% of moms on Facebook said they will “Like” a brand’s page on Facebook when offered a reward.
  • 52% will follow a brand on Twitter.
  • 50% will follow a brand on Pinterest.

3. Some non-financial rewards can be strong motivators, but gamification strategies such as badges and leaderboards are much less effective:

  • 67% said they would be interested in receiving perks associated with elite status, such as free shipping or branded merchandise.
  • 39% said they would value incentives that offered them exclusive access to a brand, such as being able to buy new products ahead of the general public.
  • 38% said they would value being able to influence a brand’s future products.
  • Only 6% percent say they would be interested in being rewarded with badges.

4. When it comes to financial rewards, some are more highly valued than others:

  • 83% said they would value free products and services from the brand.
  • 82% said they would want to receive gift cards from popular retailers.
  • 60% said they would want discounts and coupons.

5. Umbrella loyalty programs can also be effective at increasing trial and purchase:

  • 73% said that they would be interested in a loyalty program for a parent company.
  • 59% said they would buy other products from the parent company if doing so resulted in more loyalty points.

To view the full report in PDF format, click here.

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