Report: Twitter to Challenge Facebook in Retargeting Game


ADOTAS — AdAge reported today that Twitter is preparing its own retargeting platform to go head-to-head with Facebook Exchange (FBX).

Business Insider and VentureBeat were among the other news outlets reporting the story.

Speculation as to whether Twitter would follow Facebook’s lead in this area began as early as last November, when Digiday’s Jack Marshall asked, “Is Retargeting Coming to Twitter?”

“This would be a great move by Twitter and another huge opportunity for data-driven marketers,” said Brad Flora, president and co-founder of leading Facebook retargeting firm Perfect Audience, in response to today’s news coverage. “The real-time bidding piece and the efficiency benefits marketers get from bidding algorithms are great, but the big boost from a Twitter Exchange would come from leveraging all that great first party brand data.

“Twitter is the real-time pulse of the planet.  If it can match that with advertising that functions as the real-time pulse of consumer intent this will be very interesting indeed!”

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