Marin Software Announces Platform Enhancements for Facebook Advertisers


SAN FRANCISCO, May 07, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Marin Software, provider of a leading revenue acquisition management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced new capabilities that enable marketers to significantly improve revenue outcomes on Facebook. Marin enables marketers to efficiently target audiences, analyze performance and optimize Facebook ads, saving time and improving financial performance.

Facebook, in an effort to monetize their platform, regularly introduces and offers numerous ad formats and marketing options. Even the most sophisticated digital marketers are challenged by the shifting opportunity on the emerging site due to the complexity of ad types, sizes, possible creative combinations, and lack of proven best practices.

Marin clients optimizing Facebook advertising are reaping higher returns than on other publisher sites due to the greenfield opportunity and relative lack of competition.  In addition, they are uncovering unique Facebook techniques that are helping them further optimize ROI.

Marin Software delivers new Facebook ad management capabilities designed specifically to improve revenue outcomes on Facebook. New features include:

  • Facebook Campaign Wizard: Facebook users quickly tune out when repeatedly delivered the same ads making it imperative that advertisers present a variety of ads in order to avoid “ad blindness”. Marin’s new Facebook Campaign Wizard enables marketers to quickly and easily create Facebook campaigns at scale. By entering just a few variables such as headline text, images, and targets, marketers are guided through a visual workflow that enables them to instantly create numerous ads that are relevant to the campaign’s target audience in any chosen Facebook format.
  • Creative Rotation Optimization and Reporting: Marin’s new Facebook Creative Rotation provides advertisers with the ability to rotate ad units at a campaign level, independent of ad type. This enables marketers to rotate different creative within a single ad type or even rotate ads across different ad types, which automates the manual task of identifying high performing ads within any given campaign.
  • Bidding Enhancements for Facebook: Marin’s patented bidding algorithm allows Facebook marketers to maximize any financial or social metric at any cost efficiency threshold.  The result is decreased costs and increased performance since advertisers can now automatically maximize return for any objective across the purchase funnel.
  • Single Interface View of Facebook Results: Marin offers social advertisers the ability to see the full spectrum of their Facebook results in a single interface.  Marin tracks attribution and provides clear visibility into financial and social objectives.  The ability to integrate both online and offline revenue from any source and display it against the array of social metrics Facebook has available helps marketers understand how user engagement on Facebook translates into revenue.

“Facebook ranks as one of the top destinations on the Internet and offers advertisers numerous opportunities to target and engage consumers,” said Chris Lien (pictured), CEO at Marin Software. “The key to maximizing revenue through Facebook ads is to find the right mix of ad types, content, bids and audience. Through Marin Software’s platform, Facebook advertisers gain a complete workflow, analysis and optimization solution.”

About Marin Software

Marin provides a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform used by advertisers and agencies to manage more than $4 billion in annualized ad spend. Offering an integrated platform for search, display, social, and mobile marketing, Marin helps advertisers and agencies improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide, Marin’s technology powers marketing campaigns in more than 160 countries. For more information about Marin’s products, please visit:



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