Coverage of Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal Drives Spike in Adotas Readership


ADOTAS — Yesterday, just prior to Microsoft’s press conference introducing the Xbox One, we posted the results of a Synthesio study that showed the strong social buzz the announcement had engendered.

If our site analytics are any indication, Synthesio’s study was spot on. Our coverage of the Xbox Reveal, which included two live video feeds, the Synthesio post and a live Twitter feed, spurred a substantial spike in readership. Visits increased 32 percent over the previous day and were 19 percent higher than the previous one-day high for the month. What’s more, a whopping 93 percent of yesterday’s visits were unique.

The most popular article of the day was our live #XboxReveal Twitter feed, which ran under the heading, “From the Twitterverse: Gamers Hate on Xbox One,” in light of the predominantly negative response the conference elicited on that social site.

The live video post was the third most read article of the day, followed by the Synthesio study results. Coming in at No. 2 was a carryover from the previous day: our “Burning Question” piece on Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr.



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