Blogshare: The Great Internet Land Rush


ADOTAS (via DomainSkate) — With the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the US doubled in size. Lewis and Clark, led by their guide Sacagawea, struck out on an expedition to map this new, great-unknown area.

Two hundred and ten years later, the Internet is on the cusp of a Louisiana Purchase of its own. There is no physical land, to be sure, but if the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is successful in its current plans for expansion, the Internet as we know it could grow as much as 6,300% by this time next year, with the addition of up to 1,400 new top-level domains (TLDs — alternatives to .com, .net, etc.). Proportionately, if the Louisiana Purchase had been this big, it would have added 5.2 billion square miles to the United States — five times the size of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars combined.

And yet three-quarters of Americans are unaware of ICANN’s plans for expansion — or the possible benefits and risks to their brands or businesses that can come with this rapid growth. As a primer, DomainSkate, an affordable online platform that helps make domain name arbitration easy, offers an infographic that examines what the upcoming “Internet Land Rush” means, how many people don’t know about it, and what opportunities and dangers lay ahead. Using both the responses to a commissioned survey undertaken by Toluna and research on the subject, the infographic provides a must-have guide for anyone trying to navigate the “Great Internet Land Rush” that is now upon us.


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