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ADOTAS — Here’s what we herd through the digital grapevine during the past week.

Creative-services agency Quantasy, today announced the hiring of Alicia Herczeg (pictured)as Director of Analytics. Herczeg will be responsible for the development, strategy and execution of digital analytics and measurement. Her primary focus will be synthesizing cross-platform data into operational insights for optimized campaigns and informed business strategies. She comes to Quantasy from Edelman Public Relations where she worked as an analyst and strategist in Chicago and Los Angeles. At Edelman, Alicia helped create the first-ever social listening and analytics framework for a leading global Fortune 100 media entertainment company, in addition to designing and launching that company’s pioneer social media command center to enable real-time engagement with consumers. Her digital work also includes campaign management for SC Johnson, Burger King, Hilton and Kimberly-Clark.

SDL has launched what it’s touting as the first social data-enabled analytics framework that predicts customer behaviors including likelihood to buy a product, evangelize a brand or share content. According to a corporate press release,  SDL Customer Commitment Framework™ (CCF) empowers marketers, brand makers, sales and service professionals to make informed, data-driven and real-time decisions about where to invest resources to increase revenues, reduce costs and improve marketing effectiveness across all customer touch points; and provides C-Suite executives with ability to better execute (or pivot as needed) Customer Experience Management (CXM) programs that map toward key corporate performance metrics.

MARS Advertising, a leading shopper marketing company, announces an exciting new global partnership with Concentric, a leader in agent-based modeling (ABM) software applications for marketing simulations. The partnership will integrate one of Concentric’s software platforms into a new MARS marketing service offering called CompassSM. Compass is a framework allowing MARS clients to redefine engagement planning by building from the consumer level out. The platform operates through a simulation approach, utilizes “agents” to forecast simulated consumers’ behavior, assess projected sales and risk profiles, and ultimately allows users to evaluate strategies in a test-and-learn environment.

engajer, a web-enabled interactive video platform that is changing the way companies engage with existing and prospective customers, has announced that the engajer platform now integrates with popular professional social media site LinkedIn, making it easier than ever for salespeople to deliver their best interactive video pitch to the right audience at the right time. According to press release, companies that use engajer can, in a sense, “clone” their best salesperson, choosing the most effective presenter to record a video sales presentation that is then broken down into easily digestible, bite-sized modules. engajer clients may choose to proactively send out their engajers to prospective customers, embed their engajers on their existing websites, or even link to their engajers from banner ads. Regardless of how the engajer is made available, prospective customers are always empowered to zero in on the information that interests them the most – while simultaneously generating valuable data about what subjects s/he finds most compelling.

In an effort to help distinguish the different products in its toolset, Burstly has undergone a corporate re-branding. will now be the parent company for all of the company’s products: TestFlight (app beta-testing platform), FlightPath (intuitive analytics solution for mobile app developers) and SkyRocket (app monetization solution to work with any ad partner). While previously accounts for our monetization tools were by approval only, Burstly has also opened up SkyRocket for everyone to use.


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