Whisk Your Marketing Off on a World Tour, Courtesy of Facebook


ADOTAS – As the number and importance of global brands continues to explode and CMOs must create successful global marketing organizations, expanding marketing efforts to an international audience can be a great opportunity for growth and reaching potential customers that may not otherwise discover your brand, products or services.

If your company already serves multiple markets and your site sees a lot of international visitors, you should consider looking into ways to reach your global audience via social media.

Let’s take Facebook for example. One of the world’s largest social networks, marketing globally at a local level on Facebook has proven to be an extremely successful endeavor for many of the world’s top brands.

Part of Facebook’s success is that it manages global presence and links users across the world. In fact, 70% of Facebook’s users are outside the U.S. and there are more than 70 translations of the site that currently exist.

There are only six countries globally where Facebook does not rule the roost:

  • Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Poland are countries comSCORE lists as territories where Facebook doesn’t command the greatest market share.
  • As Facebook is officially banned in China, TencentWeibo, SinaWeibo and Renren have significant market shares there.
  • Mixi historically has dominated in Japan.
  • Cyworld is more popular in South Korea than Facebook.

This is driven by the fact that many of these niche networks offer deeper, more focused functionalities that are often overlooked by bigger players like Facebook.

Despite this, the future still looks quite rosy for Facebook internationally. Particularly since, the social network’s international user-base grew by 47% in LATAM last year alone.

This big win came late last year when, in December 2012, Facebook overtook Orkut as the leading social networking destination in Brazil, a vast emerging market for a range of businesses.

So for international marketers, having a global, yet local perspective on Facebook is paramount to their success.

The reason to keep Facebook at the center of your global marketing efforts is that its engagement stats are impressive. Facebook’s members are spending between 6-8 hours per user/month across the world, significantly more than competing portals and other channels like TV. Malaysia is the heaviest at 9 hours per user/month. That engagement makes Facebook a must buy for brands.

The bottom line here is that we believe there are countless opportunities available for marketers to reach and engage the Facebook audience in these rapidly emerging and expanding markets and the more you know, the better you can execute on your programs.


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