Study: Video Ad Spend, Programmatic Buying On The Rise

1096 has just released the findings of its semi-annual State of the Video Industry report. Its key findings:

  • 72% of video buyers increased their budget in the last year. For those whose video budgets rose, the average spend increase was 53%, up from 20% last year.
  • 39% of buyers shifted dollars from their TV budgets. Even more buyers, 41%, shifted money from display to fund online video. The average amount of TV spending tapped for the increase in online video was 11%.
  • 48% of online video buyers have also added mobile video to mix.
  • The Digital Newfronts have captured attention, though only 14% of buyers and 15% of sellers said they participated last year. Sellers predict their participation in the Newfronts will double this year; buyers aren’t quite as enthusiastic.
  • With 66% of brands now reporting they are doing programmatic buying in-house, publishers are three times more likely to run online video through a private marketplace than they were last year.

To download the full report, click here.



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