New eXelate Data Optimization Service Creates More Effective Smart Data Pools


The most accurate demographic data available results in 1.8X lift in on-target performance

NEW YORK, April 4, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Better data accuracy generates up to a 1.8X lift in on-target campaign performance due to a recent data refinement process developed by eXelate, the smart data company that powers smarter digital marketing decisions worldwide. “Our ongoing commitment to work with unbiased third parties like Nielsen to validate the accuracy of eXelate’s data and how it can improve campaign effectiveness for marketers is critical,” said Mark Zagorski (pictured), CEO of eXelate. “Accurate data is one of the key factors in minimizing ad spend waste and maximizing digital campaign returns.”

To ensure its customers are utilizing the best possible targeting data sets, eXelate developed a proprietary methodology to test and refine the accuracy of eXelate’s demographic data segments at the most granular level. The research revealed that eXelate’s data outperformed unbiased benchmarks derived from an analysis of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings campaigns by up to 1.8X across a broad spectrum of demographic segments.

eXelate used this information to better refine its data collection and segmentation algorithms resulting in the most accurate 3rd party demographic data available to digital marketers today.

Leaders in the digital video space, increasingly held to broadcast levels of audience accuracy and accountability welcomed the work done to increase data efficacy. “eXelate’s efforts to improve their data demonstrate the importance of data quality and campaign waste reduction,” said Aleck Schleider, VP Data Solutions at Videology. “More accurate data will not only help advertisers deliver against campaign goals more effectively, it will also continue to power the programmatic video boom, driving more offline dollars online.”

“To invest with confidence online, marketers need to understand that the data they’re using to inform marketing campaign execution and evaluate ROI is sound,” said Andrew Feigenson, SVP, Digital Client Service at Nielsen.  “By using Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings as a yardstick to gauge audiences, eXelate is helping to propel the industry forward toward greater accountability. eXelate obviously takes data quality seriously.”

eXelate has become a primary source of differentiated data and intelligence for marketers, agencies, and platforms worldwide. “We believe marketers are moving beyond Big Data and demanding Smart Data,” continued Zagorski. “Smart Data must be accurate, actionable, and agile in order to drive smarter marketing decisions and better outcomes for our customers worldwide.”

The Company plans to continue its focus on delivering the most accurate data to its marketer, agency and platform partners with validation and optimization projects slated for in-market auto, travel and finance as well as household psychographics in Q2. “No one has more accurate data, period. And eXelate is the only data company working with unbiased third parties to prove this fact,” added Zagorski.

About eXelate

eXelate is the smart data company that powers smarter digital marketing decisions worldwide for marketers, agencies, platforms, and publishers.  eXelate’s smart data platform provides accurate, actionable, and agile data and analytics on online household demographics, purchase intent,  and behavioral propensities.  Through the collection of trillions of directly measured online data points and distribution partnerships with information leaders such as Nielsen, Nielsen Catalina, MasterCard Advisors, Bizo, and more, eXelate makes online, offline and custom modeled data sets actionable across 500M online consumers worldwide. As members of the NAI, IAB, trustE, Council for Accountable Advertising, OPA and Evidon’s Open Data Partnership, eXelate is a leader in privacy compliant advertising practices. For more information, please visit


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