Making the Transition from Google Affiliate Network


ADOTAS — For clients who have been relying on Google’s affiliate network (GAN), it is somewhat of a shock that Google has announced the closure of this program.  As an agency, Direct Agents has been working with GAN for over 3 years, and it has been an excellent platform to help our clients grow their affiliate programs.

What is left and what’s next are questions being asked by every merchant who has to make that difficult decision on where to transition. What complicates this even more is the overwhelming influx of “opportunities” and “migration deals” from other companies who claim they can replace what GAN had to offer.

In today’s affiliate marketing space there are five key components that merchants should take into consideration when choosing the right partner:

  1. Publisher Selection: Who are the publishers on the platform and do they fit your campaign goals?
  2. Accessibility: How active are the publishers on the platform? Will your offer get the distribution it needs for the platform to be a viable revenue source?  Can you speak directly with publishers to recruit publishers to your program?
  3. Optimization and Analytics: What is the level of reporting the network offers, and how much information can you retrieve once your campaign is live?
  4. Publisher Tools and Technology: How sophisticated is the tracking system being used? Does it offer mobile support? Does the platform offer Datafeeds, Deeplinking and Couponcode generation?
  5. Costs and Contract Terms: This may seem obvious but this can be easily overlooked.  Some networks require 1-year contracts with extensive monthly minimums, and others take a large commission per transaction.

There are numerous options out there when deciding where to go after GAN.  It is important to weigh all the factors and make an informed decision rather than get caught up in the whirlwind of post GAN excitement.  Google has noted that it will be supporting all merchants with GAN through July 31st so there is time to make the appropriate strategic choice for your organization.


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