How B2B Marketers are Learning to Love Social Media for Lead Generation


ADOTAS – Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have quickly become viable if not mandatory channels for B2B marketers to generate new leads and build brand awareness. While B2B companies have seen comfortably-strong conversion rates from social media channels at 1.22% (compared to an all channel average of 1.60%), only 4.5% of total leads were sourced from social media according to Optify’s 2012 B2B benchmark report. A recent Nielsen study also found that 70% of advertisers using paid social media advertising currently dedicate only 1-10% of their budget to paid social media, suggesting that social media as a paid channel is still in its infancy.

As 56% of B2B marketers gear up to increase spend on social media advertising in 2013, how can you ensure that you’re getting your ads in front of the right business audiences, while making reporting as easy as possible to measure and prove social ROI?

Reach precise business audiences on Facebook

The opening of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) to the public late last year received a lot of hype, and rightfully so. With it, marketers are now able to retarget their own website visitors while they’re on Facebook (first-party data) and apply third-party data to reach new audiences based on criteria other than that provided by Facebook i.e. “Likes,” interests, etc. For B2B marketers this means you can now reach business professionals on Facebook based on criteria such as job function, industry, seniority, company size, and more. What makes Facebook even more compelling for lead generation marketers, is that the relatively cheaper cost of media allows for faster learning about which offers drive the most actions and conversions, enabling marketers to quickly optimize the most effective display ad creative to the best performing audience segments.

Incorporate LinkedIn as a mid-funnel tool in your mix

LinkedIn is an obvious choice for B2B marketers looking to reach specific types of business audiences in a professional setting. Directly managing LinkedIn Ads for our clients, we’ve seen the platform act as a great mid-funnel, direct response tactic to drive new leads. Running their LinkedIn Ads through Bizo, marketers have also been able to increase the performance and net new leads from campaigns by up to 20%.

Retarget engaged social audiences all across the Web

Social media channels are often the first point of engagement that a prospect has with a brand. Marketers who share content with their audiences via social media channels can now use social retargeting to help drive conversions from those who click on your social links by keeping your brand top of mind wherever they travel online. For marketers using paid advertising on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, social retargeting enables you to boost ROI by extending your reach to those who don’t convert from your social ads the first time around.



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