Google to Shut Down Affiliate Network


ADOTAS — Google is shuttering its affiliate network, implying in a blog post that it was not delivering the desired results for its clients.

“Our goal with Google Affiliate Network has been to help advertisers and publishers improve their performance across the affiliate ecosystem,” read the blog post by J.J. Hirschle, Head of Google Affiliate Network. “Cost-per-action (CPA) marketing has rapidly evolved in the last few years, and we’ve invested significantly in CPA tools like Product Listing Ads, remarketing and Conversion Optimizer. We’re constantly evaluating our products to ensure that we’re focused on the services that will have the biggest impact for our advertisers and publishers. To that end, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients.”

At least one (former) competitor — Clickbooth — has been quick to try and capitalize on the announcement.

“For CPA Advertisers that may feel left out in the cold while seeking a Google Affiliate Network alternative, Clickbooth welcomes them with open arms and is happy to offer up to $1,000 in free traffic with proof that they are a current Google Affiliate Network customer,” read a press release issued this afternoon. “We hope this may ease some of the inconvenience of the transition. As one of the most stable and reliable networks in the industry with over 10 years of solid experience, Clickbooth is ready to pick up the slack where other networks have fallen or failed.”



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