Expert Touts the Brilliance Behind the Justin Timberlake Brand


ADOTAS – Justin Timberlake is back with a vengeance after a 6-year album hiatus. With 968,000 copies sold in his first week, many doubters have been silenced – but how exactly did he do it? Look no further than the incredible marketing push and media blitz of JT’s comeback album, “The 20/20 Experience.”

The campaign behind the release was a barrage of media. Timberlake was in commercials for Bud Light Platinum and Target, and made a breathlessly promoted appearance at the Grammy Awards. iTunes streamed the album before its release, stoking huge advance sales.

“The genius behind the release of Justin Timberlake’s new album was the ‘sneak peak,’” says Stefanie Hoffman, a branding consultant at Vivaldi Partners. “With his charisma, good looks, and stellar ability to ‘turn on’ any audience when he takes the stage, Justin enchanted new and old fans alike weeks before the album was even released.”

Then there were Timberlake’s string of very high-profile performances in the week

“We grew to love the songs from seeing him perform on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ from his week-long stint on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,’ from his secret show at SXSW, and from his concert special on The CW, just to name a few – a smart move in a time when album sales are at an all-time low,” said Hoffman. “Now we all have a reason to buy the album. The songs are all attached to memories: his ‘bromance’ with Jay-Z on SNL, the ‘History of Rap’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon,’ his undeniably classy big band orchestra – making us fall in love with him over and over again.

So what can marketers learn from the success of the Timberlake marketing onslaught?

“Businesses can take a page out of the ‘Book of JT,’” says Hoffman. “Create memorable experiences for us to store in those overcrowded brains of ours. Products come and go, but unique and fun experiences make it clear why we should love your brand – a ‘20/20 Experience,’ if you will.”


  1. Actually, I would have purchased his album even had he not done all that marketing. JT has so many fans that were mentally ready to leave his music career in the past so the mere fact that he came back was almost like a bonus, if you will. To me, it
    was almost surreal. I am sure he was probably scared to come back. Acts like Bruno Mars is intimidating to any artist. The market has changed so much since he left. I bought his first single right away before it grew on me. I wish him luck in this chapter. The music stage is what he was born to do.


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