ADOTAS – ad:tech San Francisco has partnered with Roll Global and General Mills to find and reward the most innovative young companies in digital marketing:

The ad:tech Startup Spotlight Series competition will happen live at conference this Tuesday and Wednesday. Eight finalists will be chosen from more than 50 submissions, with four participants in each of the two categories:

  • The Wonderful Pistachios Mobile Commerce Challenge, aimed at startups that can make mobile a real sales channel for brands. The product or service that wins will help marketers wade through the barcodes, coupons and check-ins to find the right tactics for driving mobile purchases.
  • The General Mills Social Engagement Challenge, for platforms and services that help marketers fully leverage social channels to create, syndicate and promote their content across a variety of devices – including tablets, phones and connected TVs.

All finalists will be given the opportunity to attend and exhibit free-of-charge at ad:tech San Francisco in Innovation Alley (a $4,500 value), and pitch live onstage.

Each startup will pitch their business to a panel of brand judges, who will then select two startups in their respective categories to win the ad:tech Innovation Award, and the chance to take their pitch in-house.

Here are some details about the finalists and their reaction to being selected for the ad:tech Startup Spotlight Series.

Wonderful Pistachios Mobile Commerce Challenge

What They Do: SpyderLynk’s mobile platform allows marketers to activate meaningful mobile marketing engagements.

“It’s an honor to participate in the Startup Spotlight alongside other innovators in the mobile industry who are literally transforming traditional advertising and marketing,” says Jane McPherson, Chief Marketing Officer (pictured). “At SpyderLynk, we are able to convert static one-dimensional ‘push’ advertising into dynamic interactive engagements between brands and consumers. We look forward to demonstrating to the Wonderful Pistachios brand executives the power of our mobile platform and the simple elegance of engaging with consumers using our iconic SnapTags.”

What They Do: AppGlu helps companies launch backend connected apps sooner and provides an innovative, web-based Control Center to better manage those apps after launch.

“We’re thrilled to be a finalist in the ad:tech Startup Spotlight competition,” says Adam Fingerman, CEO & Founder (pictured). “Wonderful Pistachios is a world-class brand, and we’re excited to show them how AppGlu can help with their mobile marketing initiatives.”

What They Do: iMobileMedia create applications that engage and reward personal relationships with brands wherever customers are making purchases.

We know that mobile technology holds the key to blurring the line between the physical and virtual worlds for retail commerce,” says Rob Keogh, Founder (pictured). “Everyone, from the app developer in his garage to the big technology firms, are chipping away at the solution. To be named a finalist in this mobile commerce challenge confirms that the innovation we present offers a tangible and achievable solution toward breaking down those barriers, between bricks-and-mortar and online retail. We are at a place in time when massive change is taking place. We want to be among the guys holding the hammers that bring down the wall.”

What They Do: Pocket Change offers a leading universal reward currency for mobile, creating more loyal and engaged customers and driving deeper value for app developers.

“We are thrilled to be a finalist for the Wonderful Pistachios Mobile Commerce Challenge,” says Ari Mir, CEO and Co-Founder (pictured). “With one billion smartphone users today, expected to double in the next three years, the mobile advertising market is a tremendous opportunity. Mobile not only offers massive scale but it provides marketers an opportunity to connect with consumers via an intimate channel. We hope to present our vision of how mobile can be utilized to deliver consumers marketing messages with their best interests in mind.”

General Mills Social Engagement Challenge

What They Do: provides bloggers, publishers and brands a way to instantly syndicate content and expand their reach on the social web and into new channels.

“Being recognized by ad:tech as a Startup Spotlight finalist is proof of the hard work our team has put into,” says Bill Flitter, Founder and CEO (pictured). “I am extremely proud of them. Also, we would not be recognized by ad:tech if it weren’t for the support of our loyal customers who keep us motivated. Thank you.”

What They Do: NUVI provides actionable, real-time insights from the vast ocean of social conversation, helping customers visualize the story being told by data.

“We’re very happy to have been selected as one of the finalists for the ad:tech Startup Spotlight,” says Dave Oldham, CEO (pictured). “We know there were some excellent companies and very innovative technologies in the running and are flattered to be considered alongside the other finalists. For us, it’s another confirmation that what we are building is valuable and exciting for our target audience. We are looking forward to showcasing NUVI‘s capabilities at ad:tech!”

What They Do: Linqia is a marketing platform that makes it easy for community leaders to earn money from trusted brands for sharing authentic stories.

“Our mission at Linqia is to transform social marketing through storytelling,” says Maria Sipka, CEO and Co-Founder (pictured). “We are driven to deliver concrete ROI and have proven this with the greatest brands in North America. We are honored to be recognized by General Mills and excited to show them how Linqia can be a strong, valuable partner.”

What They Do: Pixlwise is a software development studio in San Diego, California focused on bridging the Skills Gap by educating/training adults through a videogame platform.

“We couldn’t be more excited to debut Pixlwise at ad:tech, let alone have the opportunity to present in front of such a well-respected and iconic name, General Mills,” says Ced Funches, Creative Director (pictured).

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