AFAIK: AdTruth, Inneractive, PubMatic, Lotame, SHIFT, Brainshark, MediaWire


ADOTAS – Here are some of the billboards we passed on the information superhighway this morning:

AdTruth has partnered with mobile SSP Inneractive, which will deploy AdTruth’s device recognition technology to improve targeting capabilities within apps. This partnership will allow publishers to more accurately price mobile inventory, leading to higher eCPMs and greater ROI for advertisers. It will also provide data management platforms (DMPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs) with the ability to buy and re-target segmented audiences.

PubMatic today announced a new partnership with Lotame. PubMatic and Lotame’s partnership represents the first fully-integrated offering of its kind to provide users with a comprehensive view of audience data from any source while reducing complexity and giving publishers greater control over segmentation. Publishers can now utilize a wider range of information to establish exclusivity and create personalized data sets to run highly customizable advertising campaigns across key channels.

SHIFT‘s new Open Marketing Cloud launches today. The launch gives marketing stakeholders a single platform and app ecosystem to manage, execute and work together throughout the lifecycle of a marketing plan. Salesforce, Adobe, and SHIFT are the only platforms with both Twitter Ads API access and Facebook PMD distinctions. However, SHIFT’s platform is the only one that’s open and free to access, according to a press relese from the company. SHIFT sees their Open Marketing Cloud as having an advantage over the larger marketing clouds like Adobe’s or Salesforce’s : The open platform enables developers to update their own applications and allows marketers to quickly adapt to the ever-changing social media requirements for advertising and marketing.

Sales enablement platform provider Brainshark today introduced a new product as part of an integrated suite, designed to provide organizations with a smarter way to sell. The Brainshark Sales Enablement Portal, part of the company’s new Sales Enablement Suite, extends Brainshark’s leadership in the field of sales enablement – demonstrated by Brainshark supplying thousands of companies worldwide with the capabilities to more effectively prepare for customer interactions, engage with key audiences and advance sales opportunities.

MediaWire, an interactive media applications company, recently announced the availability of MediaWire Mobile, a powerful new service for print publishers who wish to circumvent third-party newsstand listing fees and take their publications directly to today’s mobile readers. Affordable enough for any publisher, MediaWire Mobile, a cross-platform solution supporting iOS and Android devices (Windows and Blackberry under development), also offers a range of analytic tools that help publishers and advertisers to better understand subscribers and create exciting new marketing opportunities.