Today’s Burning Question: Google Play’s Ad Blocker App Purge



“This issue is important beyond the question of the legitimacy of ad-blocking software. Google is largely controlling access to products and information on the Internet. It is very alarming that their business interests, instead of free choices by the users, are now deciding how people are experiencing the web. This is bad news for the entire ecosystem.” – Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus.

“As marketers we can certainly appreciate Google wanting to protect it’s livelihood, but we suspect some hardcore Android users will question their claim to be a truly open marketplace. Regardless if this becomes a significant issue or not (and we don’t), one silver lining could be that it forces Google and other advertisers to continue push the boundaries on what constitutes an ad on a mobile device. Display ads, we believe, are only phase one of an innovation journey in this unique channel.” – Brett Leary, VP of Mobile, Digitas.



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