Study: 86% of Consumers Suffer From Banner Blindness


Infolinks, a global leader in monetizing digital advertising for publishers, brands and their agencies, today released the results of its first proprietary study examining the industry challenge of “banner blindness.” The message seems clear: Brands and publishers need to rethink banner ads.

Results showed that only 14% of respondents recalled the last display ad they saw and the company or product it promoted. Even with today’s sophisticated targeting technology, relevance remains a key challenge with only 2.8% of respondents stating that they thought the ad they saw was relevant to them.

  • Half of the users never click on online ads while 35% click on less than 5 ads a month.
  • Among online ad viewers, 75% saw the ad on their computer while the remaining 25% saw the ad on their phone or tablet.

Infolinks is also launching a new community site,, to study the growing problem of consumer banner blindness and the broken display advertising marketplace. Infolinks will be studying the psychology of banner blindness throughout the year and welcomes participation from the industry.



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