See What’s Hot at SXSW with the SXSW Trendspotter


Over the past few years, following hashtags on Twitter has become the default way SXSW festivalgoers let each other know where they are, what’s happening and what’s hot.  This is also one of the top ways that brands, film producers and bands promote their presence at SXSW.

The trouble is, with thousands of hashtags and millions of tweets, the Twitter conversation around SXSW is more of a cacophony than a symphony.

That’s why this year, Mashable and Topsy have teamed up to turn the SXSW social chatter into useful insights.

Introducing the SXSW Trendspotter, a mobile-enabled website that lets anyone see what’s trending at SXSW, based on real-time analysis of Twitter conversations.

The SXSW Trendspotter gives you up-to-the-minute insights into:

  • Which topics are trending;
  • Which start-ups, brands, bands and films are getting the most buzz;
  • Which sessions and events are the most popular;
  • Details about the top tweets, news, photos and videos around each topic, and more!

Happy trendspotting!


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