Search Expert Weighs In on Latest Google Panda Update


ADOTAS – Grant Simmons (pictured), Director, SEO and Social Product at The Search Agency, recently offered us his take on the most recent Google Panda update. Grant has some interesting views on how Panda defines a brand, as well as how it defines content.

Here’s a little view into Grant’s insights around the Panda update by Google:
  • “Panda promotes content deemed valuable from trusted sources. There is no such thing as ‘Panda-proof,’ but there is an evolving lens through which content and brands are assessed to recognize and assign value and trust.”
  • “Looking through the Panda lens, a brand is defined by search engines and reinforced by user signals, and Panda defines a brand as a trusted topic(s) expert.”
    • “For search engines, perspective is recognition of legitimacy (trust) and topic expertise; legitimacy comes from traditional PR/online citations, relationships, affiliations, mentions and associations.”
    • “For users, a brand is recognized based on their visibility within search results and by association with venues where people search.”
  • “Looking through the Panda lens, content is a way of connecting with user intent. Content must be visible, indexable and catalo able to search engines, and for users content is the fuel for education, entertainment, enlightenment, etc., providing satisfaction of search intent.”
  • “Content is ultimately an efficient means of connecting users with brands, and it’s no longer uniquely defined within the labels brand or mass media. Now, influencers, content curators (like Google) and online users help define brands through engagement signals.”

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  1. To many people still think that unique content is not that big a deal. It’s insane, if your not unique you are dead in the water! I’d like to hear your thoughts on brand link building?


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