Samsung Launches its Galaxy Note II in Spain Using DG’s Advertising Technology

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Mar 14, 2013 
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DG announced today that Samsung is relying on its advertising technology to power the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note II phone in Spain. In a tireless search for creative innovation, Samsung is working with Starcom and DG MediaMind technology due to their track records in running effective online ad campaigns.

Samsung has activated a wide online display format called the SideKick, an IAB Rising Star that elegantly scrolls media content, essentially increasing ad space in the same given area. Samsung has taken advantage of this space to display the features of its new Galaxy Note II; directly taking its product messaging to customers.

Samsung’s use of the SideKick format has enabled the characteristics of its Galaxy Note II to be clearly set out in the content of the ad. The digital campaign was launched by Starcom and DG MediaMind technology enhanced the high interactivity of the format, inviting users to navigate and delve further into the experience to discover the device’s many qualities.

The campaign launch coincided with the Mobile World Congress, the mobile sector’s most important event. “Our strategy has sought to combine coverage and affinity, by putting innovation first to highlight and show users in a simple and up close way all the benefits and features of the Galaxy Note II,” said Xiana González Rivera, Media Supervisor at Starcom.

“Formats like the SideKick with its large display area, allow users to navigate what interests them, yielding greater brand visibility and user engagement. We believe that for Samsung, a company that always focuses on innovation and creativity in its advertising actions, the SideKick has worked for them. The SideKick is one of the most impactful IAB Rising Stars,” said Manuel Ferreiro, Creative Team Leader at DG MediaMind.

The SideKick format enabled Samsung to show off the different aspects of the Note II. Users experience the device’s many features such as: Multi Window, Air View, Easy Clip, Best Face, Paper Artist, and Amazing Display and Maximum Performance. Users can also share the ad to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, all without leaving the website.

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Sidekick is a great format for branding purposes! But it is for years in the market and used many times. What is unique in this execution?

Posted by Simon | 8:50 am on March 15, 2013.

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