Pinterest’s New Analytics Features Show Openness to Marketing and a Move toward Monetization


In a blog post yesterday morning, Pinterest announced its first analytics features to the world. When Pinterest notified us this was coming at PinLeague, I was simultaneously excited and terrified. As the largest third-party Pinterest Analytics tool, you can imagine how anxious we were to see the features. That said, now that we have we’re super psyched about how this will move the ecosystem forward – and enable us to offer even better services for our customers.

Pinterest Analytics Features: Similar to Facebook Insights
The first version of Pinterest’s Web Analytics are somewhat similar to the primary metrics you can see within Facebook Insights (impressions/reach/recent content), only with more of an outbound focus. This makes sense, as Pinterest has remained focused on driving traffic to other sites, rather than feeding its own walled garden (a la facebook).

Initial features include:

  • How many pins are generated from your site
  • Repins, impressions, reach and clicks for those pins
  • Most recent, repinned and clicked pins from your site

In order to access Pinterest’s Analytics features you must (1) verify your domain on Pinterest and (2) change to the new Pinterest layout.

Pinterest Analytics Feature: Site Metrics

The Site Metrics tab lets you see four reports:

  1. # of Pins from your site over time and # of unique pinners
  2. # of Repins from your site over time and # of unique repinners
  3. # of Impressions of those pins over time and related reach
  4. # of Clicks on those pins over time and related unique visitors

Pinterest Analytics Feature: “Most” Tabs

The “Most” tabs help you dig into pins from your domain by viewing the most recent, most repinned and most clicked pins. The pins are laid out in the same visual format as Pinterest’s feeds and category pages that you love. If you need a more data-oriented view, simply click “Export” to grab a .csv file.

On the whole, we think this initial set of Pinterest Analytics features is very well executed and a great complement to services like PinLeague. We’re excited to see it in the wild- and hope you are, too!

This article was excerpted from “Pinterest Analytics Features (and How to Expand Them)” at



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