Performance Study: Google AdWords vs. Yahoo! Bing Network


ADOTAS – AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company, recently published a new report, “Yahoo! Bing PPC Performance Metrics,” which examines key search metrics for both Yahoo! Bing and Google AdWords across six industry verticals in the US during Q3 2012, including Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Education, Business to Business and Computer & Internet.

Among the report’s findings, Google AdWords was shown to be the leader in impressions and clickthrough rates. In fact, AdWords delivered significantly higher impressions in five of the six categories studied. This was especially so in the Retail category, where AdWords delivered 60 percent or more than 7 million more ad impressions than Yahoo! Bing during the quarter. In addition, average clickthrough rates on AdWords campaigns were 2 to 5 times higher than those on Yahoo! Bing in all categories studied during the period.

At the same time, the Yahoo! Bing Network was found to have costs per click that were 1 to 3 times lower than AdWords, as well as brand impressions that were 76 to 90 percent less expensive on average than AdWords. In addition, there was less competition for top positions on its results pages, with 36 percent fewer advertisers on Yahoo! Bing than on AdWords in the studied verticals.

“We believe AdGooroo’s study is a first of its kind and will help search marketers make informed marketing decisions,” said Richard Stokes, founder and CEO of AdGooroo.



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