Larissa’s Picks to Click: Twitter to Hit $1B, Piracy Debate, Impression TV


ADOTAS EDITOR’S NOTE: Adotas Editorial Intern Larissa Lohman routinely scours online media for big news and offbeat developments to share with our readers. Got your own “pick to click”? Send her a link.

The Easter Bunny comes this weekend! Which means the ears of my chocolate bunnies will be mysteriously eaten.  Thanks, Dad.

  • A new report from eMarketer shows Twitter’s Ad Revenue is estimated to hit almost $1 billion next year.  Mobile ads are estimated to make up over half of this revenue alone (via Mashable).
  • Arrrggg, Pirates!  And not the ones that pillage ships, but rather the Internet.  Show your support either for or against music piracy with Ghost Beach’s ad campaign on the “Artists vs. Artists” page (via TechCrunch).
  • Operative examines the changing nature of digital and how advertisers and multi station operators are adapting to deliver content to viewers.


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