Larissa’s Picks to Click: Facebook Video Ads, #Make5, Old Spice Marketing Chief


EDITOR’S NOTE: Adotas Editorial Intern Larissa Lohman routinely scours online media for big news and offbeat developments to share with our readers. Got your own “pick to click”? Send her a link.

The week before spring break is always the worst. It’s the anticipation of no school that just makes the week drag on. And it’s only Monday.

  • Facebook video ads are coming to a newsfeed near you!  Mashable takes a look.
  • The Fallon Agency recently created the #Make5 campaign to encourage its employees to make creative art to be shared on the company’s Instagram account (via Digiday).
  • Old Spice has appointed a new marketing chief, Mr. Wolfdog, who pokes fun at marketing and asks viewers to follow his blog and twitter (via Ad Week).


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