Infographic: Sharethough and Nielsen Prove Native Ads Perform Better than Pre-Roll


ADOTAS – One of the big discussion points around native ads has been the lack of evidence that they actually work better than other ad options. Now, there’s proof!

This morning, Sharethrough and Nielsen published the industry’s first performance study on native ads. This comprehensive research, which incorporates results from five separate studies, shows conclusively that native video ads work better than pre-roll video ads to generate brand lift.

For example, in one of the studies for soft drink brand Jarritos, native ads generated an 82% brand lift among users exposed to the ads, as compared to just 2.1% for users exposed to the campaign’s pre-roll ads. In another campaign for a CPG product, native ads generated a 42% lift in purchase intent, while pre-roll did not generate any lift.

Click on the infographic once and then again to enlarge it.


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