gTLDs and the Next Agency Boom


ADOTAS – Despite all the opposition against ICANN from ad agencies of the world, some 1,000 top-level domain name gTLDs are queued to be released in next 100 days. There are highly distinct roles for enlightened ad agencies to engage right away. The advertising services are increasing losing ground and unless there is massive re-training the industry, they will further struggle. The global mind shift towards new medium is reality, and as the new trends ask for very different solutions, the advertising industry is poised to offer the best front line people to tackle such issues. It’s a question of facing reality: adjust, retrain and go with a new attitude for the brass ring all over again.

Mastery of Name Identity Management

We are in the midst a global image shift centered on name identity management replacing old marketing branding practices. The advertising sector can play a new role by becoming an expert on diverse global corporate nomenclature issues and seek out mastery of ICANN gTLD and global domain name expansion management. By opening up an intelligent debate on the global naming complexities among clients, the downward push of advertising services suddenly will climb up back to the boardrooms where tactical decision are made. Action Plan: Retrain fast on all these topics and become a world-class naming expert.

Mastery of Supremacy of Business Performance

Businesses all over the world are not doing well, despite all the advertising support. Most business models have basically lost touch with the marketplace. This has lot to do with innovative business performance and less with advertising returns. Mainly they are all soft issues: vision, mission and innovation, traditionally written out as ultimate text and framed on the walls. This no longer works. Advertising agencies should offer the three-dimensional modeling of all such soft ideas to re-kindle the vision and mission all over. The mastery of such tools and skills will open amazing doors. Action Plan: Retrain fast on all these topics and discover three dimensional modeling understanding.

Mastery of Bringing Global Thinking in Local Shoebox

The digitized world is rapidly becoming global. “Think global, work local” is becoming “Think local and work global. ” The new tools, once exclusively available to multi-nationals, are now freely available to all size and shapes of businesses. Bring new sets of skills and tools in a shoebox and offer new styles of packages but service clients with global understanding. Clients need more help creatively to figure out the business model over and above just creative advertising solution old broken models. Act as partners and solve problems backed by full execution of well thought out ideas and not just sell advertising and watch the show. Action Plan: Retrain quicly on all these topics and discover entrepreneurial business expansion models. This may not be that easy to achieve, but what are the other choices?


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