Google Enhanced Campaigns: Optimizing Your Ad Copy for Mobile


ADOTAS – With Google Enhanced Campaigns, you can now write ad copy that is “mobile preferred.” The benefit of this is that mobile users may be in a different “on-the-move” frame of mind and be more receptive to different types of messaging.

Practically, this means that you can tick a box next to ad copy so that it will appear on mobiles as the preferred creative, over any regular desktop creative. The reverse is also true: normal text ads will have preference on desktops and tablets over mobile preferred creative so it could still appear on a desktop or tablet device.

When optimizing your existing standard desktop ad copy for mobiles, consider the following:

1. Call to Action. This could be more mobile-oriented, such as “Call Now.” The same keyword would be used to target a desktop, tablet and smartphone user. However, now marketers can reach the smartphone differently to a desktop/tablet user by setting a different bid multiplier.

2. Usability. Google is working on delivering analysis for a complete user journeys across devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone. Your copy and UX should go hand in hand.

3. Offers. Enhanced Campaigns will offer conversion reporting for metrics like calls and app downloads.  Draw attention to any special offers that can be redeemed this way in your copy.

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