Galaxy S4 Launch: What It Means for Mobile Marketers

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Mar 15, 2013 
Mike Daly  |

Some leading industry voices are discussing the marketing implications of yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy S4 introduction.

“[The] Galaxy S IV launch is fantastic news for the mobile advertising industry,” said Crid Yu, VP & General Manager, InMobi, North America “The continued innovation that we are seeing enter the market will further strengthen the positioning of the smartphone as the number one media device.”

“If your mobile marketing strategy is as shallow as ‘We need an app,’ then having a large variety of smartphones and multiple versions of Android out in the world make reaching your audience consistently a challenge,” said John Haro, chief technology officer at Vibes. “This fragmentation does not really impact direct marketing through text or mobile display advertising in any substantive way. However, the continuing growth of the smartphone share of all phones is positive for marketers because they have a rich and powerful platform to build compelling experiences to drive their customers to post-click.”

Yu and Haro each highlighted their own key features of the Galaxy S4.

“The 4G LTE support and temperature and humidity sensors will allow users to more deeply interact with their handset, these advanced features should signal clear opportunities for brands and advertisers that are looking to capitalize on mobile and deeply engage with consumers,” said Yu. “Mobile advertising is developing at a rapid rate and advances in technology allow advertisers to further innovate their campaigns and ultimately improve their targeting and end user experience.”

“I’m most interested in the launch of the Samsung Wallet, which will be available through Samsung’s proprietary app store,” added Haro. “Samsung has based many of its features and approaches off Apple’s Passbook, which is already making a great impact with consumers. While the documentation of the Mobile Wallet APIs may be few, one thing I’m particularly interested in is how the documentation appears to be a way to advertise on top of a pass – such as a cross promotion – on an event ticket.”

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