Facebook’s Redesign Pitch: ‘Less Clutter, More Stories’


Favoring pictures over words, Facebook has created a page to showcase how its latest redesign will translate across mobile, tablet and web.

The page touts the site’s “vibrant new visuals,” “reimagined ” stories and more customizable News Feed choices. Users can add their names to a waiting list to beta test the web version; the iPhone, iPad and Android trial versions are still to come. See it here.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo apparently sees The Social Network’s new look a bit differently: “The new new new new News Feed is Facebook’s latest stab at rendering your swarming, swirling online life easier to digest,” writes editor Sam Biddle. “… Yes, it’s cleaner than a German toilet. Yes, it’s beautiful. But more importantly, it’s about Facebook making more money. It’s about ads. Bigger, distracting, super-ads.” (He says that as if it’s a bad thing…)


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