The Fastest Growing Jobs in Marketing are in (Surprise!) Mobile, Social


Are you mobile and social enough? The recent Aquent and American Marketing Association’s (AMA) 2012 Salary Survey found that mobile and social media marketing will be the two hottest jobs in 2013 — both expected to increase by 19 percent in the next two to three years. The survey also revealed that social media marketing jobs will contribute to 25 percent of all marketing hires, while mobile marketing jobs will increase to 12 percent.

As organizations recognize and start addressing the growth within mobile and social, hiring managers will begin searching for skilled employees to fill the gaps. These employees must possess the necessary skills in order to tackle a new set of responsibilities, such as executing extensive social media marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook or implementing a mobile-optimized website. For marketing professionals, the question becomes: are you ready for a position in this new media marketing evolution?

Current Marketing Techniques Are Still Important

As marketers dive into these evolving roles, traditional skills will still be important to the success of future marketing campaigns. The fundamentals of branding and marketing, including gaining the trust and loyalty of your audience, remain as important as ever in the new landscape. Producing solid, integrated campaigns will still require careful marketing planning and a comprehensive content strategy.

New Marketing Components

While the key components of traditional marketing remain, the channels and platforms in mobile and social media will be new to many marketers. The expansion of mobile and social media has opened up a new series of outlets to reach customers and prospects, including mobile applications and Twitter or Pinterest. In order to get hired for these new roles within marketing, you must understand how to leverage these social media channels for successful and innovative marketing campaigns; thus producing the best results for the organization.

How to Become Mobile and Social Media Savvy

If you’re a job seeker, signing up for additional training such as webinars, online white papers, massive open online courses, in both mobile and social marketing, could be the key differentiator between you and other candidates. Additionally, once you have completed your training, remember to optimize your LinkedIn profile with mobile and social specific keywords to help potential employers and recruiters to find you.

If you’re happy with your current marketing role, it’s still worth your time to add new strengths to your mobile and social capabilities. It’s simple: the more you know about marketing tools, measurement, platforms and skills, the more valuable you are to an organization. With these skills, additional internal career opportunities will open up for you, including new roles and an increased salary to to compensate for your new skills.

Now that you know what you need, how do you go about getting it? If you haven’t already, connect with the AMA and begin networking within its local and online communities. They feature classes and training bootcamps which are relevant to your career.

The best news about marketing in 2013: We’re still at the beginning of mobile and social media explosion. Get involved now and your career will grow, expand and develop with these new platforms.



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