Larissa’s Picks to Click: Cablevision Sues Viacom, Brands use Instagram, Nat Geo’s Nazi Ad


Adotas Editorial Intern Larissa Lohman routinely scours online media for big news and offbeat developments to share with our readers. Got your own “pick to click”? Send her a link.

These Jennifer Lawrence memes are really blowing up my newsfeed.  The Oscars are over, people!

  • Cablevision sues Viacom over niche networks they are forced to carry, as well as add on channels to popular brands that receive low ratings (via TechCrunch).
  • Clickz says Instagram may be the new hot spot for marketing!  More brands are utilizing the social photo site to create brand engagement.
  • National Geographic’s “watch in your own language campaign”  features a group of Nazis who are like, totally not ready to invade the Soviet Union (from Business Insider).


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