‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – at the Gas Pump


“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as well as other popular ABC television shows like “The View” and “The Chew,” can now be seen at a gas pump near you.

On February 7, Outcast Media signed a deal with ABC Entertainment to air clips of these popular shows and others on the Fuel Network, reaching more than 33 million people at the pump each month.

“Outcast’s goal is to be the largest media network reaching on-the-go consumers,” said Nathan Gill, Outcast Co-Founder and CRO.

Getting to the ‘Ungettables’

Outcast works to reach a particular audience known as the “Ungettables,” which it describes as drivers age 18 to 54 who are always on the go.  They are primarily reached in the top 25 designated market areas in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 20 percent of them never watch prime-time TV.

These viewers are hard to reach consumers who spend their time traveling and working.  So what’s the best way to reach them?  Fill ’er up!

The Ungettables will spend approximately 4 to 5 minutes filling up their tanks and watching content Outcast provides on high-definition screens at more than 1,700 stations nationwide.  With programming like the entertainment news show “Extra” to offerings from the MLB Network and ABC, the Ungettables have the opportunity to be more engaged and stay connected to the latest news and information.

“We’re focused on the most engaging venues,” said Gill.  Outcast’s reach to these viewers has grown tremendously, primarily due to its venues at the gas pump and also the gym, giving the viewers “that one-to-one engagement,” capturing the attention of the Ungettables the way traditional advertising has not, he said.

According to an Outcast infographic (below), “51 percent of Ungettables prefer to skip or close online ads” while engaging in more conventional ways of receiving news and information.

Outcast’s Influence

Reaching the ever-moving consumer is a tremendously important demographic most TV networks are missing.  Creating original content for the fuel and fitness networks is an ingenious way of grabbing their attention.

Gill said broadcast networks like ABC are “creating content specifically for our network.  That’s an exciting trend and really speaks about how much our network has grown and how much it’s growing.”

Connecting with the Ungettables is just one way Outcast aims to get a leg up on the competition and thanks to their “constantly evolving” audience and entertainment, it looks like they’ll continue to reach viewers far beyond their time at the pump.


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