IAB Unveils LUMA-esque Ad Tech Chart


We all know about the infamous and often overused LUMAscapes to help identify and organize companies within this fluid ad industry. Now the IAB has gotten its act together to create its own brand-centric ad tech organizational chart that attempts to map the interaction between different parts of the ad ecosystem.

On the new IAB chart, the three rings closest to the brand comprise the majority of what is already reflected on the LUMAscape. The third concentric ring from the center is categorized as media vendors, which includes ad networks, exchanges, demand-side platforms, agency trading desks and publishers. Outside of this first ad tech ring reside other technology companies like ad servers, data management platforms and media attribution firms that encompass broader-scope aspects of the business.

“The digital advertising ecosystem has been opportunistically portrayed with excess complexity to the benefit of bankers and to the detriment of marketers, brands and agencies. The IAB Arena portrays our ecosystem more accurately and accelerates the IAB ad technology and operations work that simplifies the supply chain that undergirds it,” the IAB writes.



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