Don’t Be That Guy (or Bot)


We work in an electronic industry, and as such, one might think that email would be an appropriate form of communication. At least that’s the notion with which I decided today to reach out to some prospective new industry contacts and apprise them of available editorial opportunities at Adotas.

Imagine, then, my surprise at receiving an automated response email from one company instructing me to delete all contacts within its domain, while also spelling out the finer details of the CAN-SPAM Act.

And also, this tersely worded email from an allegedly real human being:

“Please remove us from your list. We did not subscribe to it.  I can’t find the unsubscribe link. Also, you wrote the word, ‘hell,’ not hello. You should have your spam emails proofed.”

Wow, a combination spam/grammar cop. How often does one encounter those?!?

Again, we work in an electronic industry. If you can’t tolerate an unsolicited email offering you FREE coverage of your business, there’s a cabin in the woods I’d like to sell you.

In other words: Lighten up, Kaczynski.


  1. So, are you telling us that is fine to spam your email account with varying offers from pharma products to financial ones without your previous approval to receive such commercial messages?

    IMHO, your approach to direct marketing is so 1980’s. Are you really aware of all the changes taking place in, at least, the last 10 years?

    • I’m saying that not all unsolicited emails are created equal. This was not direct marketing … no commerce involved. It was about press coverage. The subject line was “Editorial opportunities with Adotas.”

      To your other point, I get as much spam email as the next guy. I choose to not let it make me crazy. It’s pretty easy to tell the legit emails from tbe spam. I find that the Delete button is also a handy tool.

      Lastly, if you know if some amazing new and more convenient way to communicate electronically, I’m sure our readers would love to know about it.

  2. Sorry, man, but unsolicited email is unsolicited email, no matter how kind or loving your intention. There are other ways to communicate electronically that are not intrusive, irritating, etc, or that reflect poorly on your organization, which your campaign does. For example, opt-in newletters, advertising, your website, SEO optimization, etc etc etc. In other words, other methods that do not make you look like a spammer. Please do reconsider your methods.


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