Back To School: Silverpop Launches Digital Marketing University


The folks over on Madison Avenue understand just how easy to get sucked into the daily grind of pitching campaigns, monitoring performance and digging through the mounds of big data to find just the right metric to monitor and present to a client. We tend to work hard in the business, but this gives us little time to actually work on the businesses to make what we do better.

The newly announced IAB ad tech chart sheds light on the need for advertisers to keep educated about how the landscape is changing. It just might be time to brush off those textbooks and head back to school. That’s what one company called Silverpop is helping others to do.

The company just announced the launch of its Digital Marketing University, a multi-city educational roadshow aimed at helping marketers of all types stay informed about today’s constantly evolving digital landscape.

Silverpop is a digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile and social, similar to competing platforms offered by Integrate and Promodity. Unlike simple email campaign automation platforms like Marketo and Eloqua, SilverPop claims to helps marketers achieve superior Return on Relationship by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors and then automating personalized experiences that increase revenue, improve ROI, and deepen brand loyalty.

By bringing together ad tech experts, industry thought leaders and marketers to discuss case studies and campaign performance results, this roadshow aims to make a big splash and help educate brands about simple ways to understand and use their technologies. Today’s marketers need to deliver the most personally relevant content possible to consumers, based on a buyer’s behaviors and declared preferences.

“There is only one path to truly individualized marketing, and that is through automation,” said Eric Holmen, Silverpop’s SVP of marketing. “Marketers that want to treat each customer and prospect as a single individual, regardless of the communication channel or device, need access to real time and historical data, to predictive content and tools that can assemble this individual experience on the fly, automatically. Silverpop recognized that there is no place – at the university level or otherwise – to learn these skills and tools, and we’ve assembled some of the best, proven leaders in the relevant subject areas to hit the road, workshop style. Students of Silverpop’s Digital Marketing University will graduate with the vision and skills necessary to execute, based on real life examples and sound customer case studies.”

The Digital Marketing University will offer free, half-day events that will provide marketers with courses in digital marketing focused specifically on:

  • Improving customer engagement and message reach by delivering individualized content.
  • More effectively targeting, acquiring and converting prospects by leveraging marketing automation.
  • Learning real-life success stories from marketers who have transformed marketing and implemented programs that increased ROI and drove more revenue for their companies.
  • Creating roadmaps to digital marketing success that align with each marketers’ specific business goals.

The Digital Marketing Roadshow begins March 12 in San Francisco at the Hilton Financial District. In addition to this event, the tour will have stops in the following cities throughout 2013:

  • Los Angeles (March 14).
  • Santa Clara (April 16).
  • Austin (April 23).
  • Chicago (April 25).
  • Washington, D.C. (May 2).
  • Orange County, Calif. (May 21).
  • Seattle (Aug. 8).
  • Atlanta (Sept. 11).
  • New York (Sept. 17).
  • Philadelphia (Sept. 24.
  • Boston (Oct. 3).
  • Toronto (Oct. 9).
  • Detroit (Oct. 16).
  • Orlando (Oct. 23).


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