Adobe: Facebook Exchange Delivers Strong Performance


Facebook recently announced that Facebook Exchange (FBX) served nearly 1 billion impressions daily and supported over 1,300 advertisers. Adobe’s ad solution for FBX is now out of beta, and preliminary results from customers show that performance is strong.  Beta clients running retargeting campaigns with Adobe Media Optimizer tested the top eight Real Time Bidding ad inventory sources including FBX. The data suggests:

  • After one month in beta, FBX resulted in a conversion rate that is approximately 70% higher, and a cost per lead that is more than 50% lower than the average for all eight RTB supply sources.
  • FBX ended up being the second best “performing” ad supply source overall.  Adobe’s optimization of FBX resulted in 32% of one beta campaign’s impressions being delivered from FBX alone during the first month of the beta.
  • Adobe believes that the current performance is strong in part due to comparably favorable pricing, driven by lower competition levels in FBX as compared to more mature digital ad market.


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