Acquisitions: Opera/Skyfire, Alphabird/VOLT Media, AK/Quantivo


Opera Software has acquired Silicon Valley-based Skyfire Labs, a leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. Skyfire, headquartered in Mountain View, California, is known for its Rocket Optimizer™ software. This allows mobile operators to leverage cloud computing to optimize virtually any video and other multimedia on crowded cell towers, including 3G and 4G LTE networks. Rocket Optimizer on average provides mobile networks a 60 percent boost in capacity by reducing the size of video and other multimedia content as needed to fit the available bandwidth. Skyfire can detect when specific users are facing poor quality of experience or connections that need assistance, and intervene in milliseconds. This can minimize the long start times, rebuffering, and stalls on video and audio streams that frustrate mobile users around the world. The approach aligns with the trend toward SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network function virtualization) among telecommunications operators, thanks to its elastic and virtualization-friendly cloud architecture. Skyfire also offers Skyfire Horizon™, a mobile browser extension and toolbar platform that allows users to personalize their smartphone browser and operators to gain new monetization opportunities. Skyfire has honed its technology through a variety of top-selling consumer applications, which have more than 20 million worldwide downloads to date. Skyfire currently counts three large U.S. mobile operators as customers for its Rocket Optimizer and Skyfire Horizon solutions, and is in trials with ten other operators around the world.

Alphabird, a leading global digital publishing solutions company headquartered in San Francisco, has acquired VOLT Media, one of the largest independent premium video advertising and technology companies in Australia and New Zealand. The acquisition cements Alphabird’s position as a leading vertically integrated publisher solutions company in the Asia Pacific region. With the addition of VOLT’s video advertising platform, Alphabird will now offer web and mobile publishers a full suite of products including audience acquisition and development, data management and content monetization. Launched in 2011, VOLT Media delivers advertising content across multiple screens for its international partners including foundation publishers Dailymotion and Blip. In addition, VOLT have secured preferred video partner status with some of Australia’s biggest media agencies including OMD, Cadreon and Ikon. VOLT Media was the first video ad network in Australia to be integrated as a private exchange within an agency trading desk, and the first video ad network in Asia Pacific to launch with Double Verify’s proactive verification technology.

Aggregate Knowledge (AK), a media intelligence company that brings an exact science to the art of media buying, has acquired Quantivo, an industry leader in providing customer-centric intelligence and analytics to marketers. Building on AK’s industry-defining Media Intelligence Platform, marketers have the additional insights necessary to identify the best, highest-value customers, and zero in on them with greater accuracy than ever before possible. The acquisition demonstrates AK’s continuous focus on integrating channels, media and multiple data sources for enhanced customer intelligence. By combining purchase intent with buying behavior, marketers have the end-to-end visibility needed to efficiently manage media budgets and increase their return on investment across all campaigns.Through indexing and optimizing data, increasing customer engagements, and delivering meaningful and predictive insights in real time, Quantivo customers have uncovered trends in their data leading to double-digit growth in conversions on average. The addition of Quantivo’s data science and engineering team will enable accelerated platform innovation and ensure continuous value by delivering a full view of actionable insights for marketers to execute.


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