Top 3 CES Parties with Swagger


Despite the awkward social reputation of the tech industries, CES has never been a nerdy affair.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Look at these guys:

[CES 1967, photo via]

Part “Mad Men,” part Brigitte Bardot — they clearly know what’s up. Throughout its 46-year history, the annual Consumer Electronics Show has always attracted the party crowd and put on the sickest soirees. Supermodels, rockstars and athletes mix it up with tried and true blue-blooded geeks – and not just because they’re paid to.

Why then, you may ask. Because behind the thick black-framed glasses are some of the biggest cultural innovators in the world. These are the people who invent how we play, jam to music, meet up with friends and make interpersonal sparks fly. CES is as much a showing of hot technology as it is a showing of hot swag. Caché is no longer measured in bling alone; an unreleased smartphone is a new marker of ballerdom. Last year, CES saw both Justins and a Snooki talking about user interface design. Clearly it’s hip to be square.

But the convention center floor is not where top brands flex their taste-making prowess, it’s at the after party. Invite-only events up and down the Las Vegas Strip that dictate how we’re going to interact with technology and culture. If you can score an invitation, these are the 3 CES parties you want to be at:

  1. Skullcandy Navigator Launch Party: Tuesday night at PURE Nightclub above Caesar’s Palace, a VIP open bar and performance by Wale. It’s gonna get TechCrunk in here: this is the venue where Britney Spears passed during the New Years party she was supposed to be hosting, and Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb” elevates him out of his previous “featuring” rap cameos.
  2. PTTOW! & Cirque Du Soleil Dinner: All cards on the table (yes, that is a Vegas pun), this is my party. PTTOW! already has a reputation for its invite-only gatherings of the most innovative business leaders and culture makers from across industries. This dinner takes place in the Zumanity Theater at New York, New York, a casual meeting of business’ biggest wigs and the most intimate performance Cirque Du Soleil actors have ever given. Be jealous.
  3. Tweet House’s Thunderbirds Demonstration: A Friday afternoon opportunity to let your childhood geek come out and play. A private airshow by the US Airforce Thunderbirds, playtime at the Cyber training center and an intimate look to see network defense from the front lines. It sounds like they’ll let you steer the robot that diffuses explosives.


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