Tapad Offers Glimpse Into Mobile Habits of Niners, Ravens Fans

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Jan 31, 2013 
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Cross-device ad tech company Tapad has pulled some stats on device usage in San Francisco and Baltimore to find out which devices each team’s fans engage with most. Here’s what they found:

  • What’s the mobile device of choice in each city? San Francisco-based 49ers fans are “mobile super users” — they’re 2.8x more likely to own a smartphone than Baltimore-based Ravens’ fans. 49ers fans are also more partial to their Android phones as these devices are 3.4x more prevalent in San Francisco.
  • How are advertisers targeting 49ers and Ravens fans across devices? Tapad found that cross-device advertising is up 166% over last year’s Super Bowl, seeing the most growth in ad buys from Entertainment, Telecom/Technology, and Travel industries — each up more than 200% in spend over 2012. The latest sectors to embrace cross-device ad delivery in 2013 include: Automotive (biggest of the notable newbies with 55% of total spend), Restaurants, and Pharmaceuticals.
  • How will tablets play a role in the big game? Tablets are 26% more prevalent in San Francisco than in the city of Baltimore (meaning advertisers on live-stream broadcast may very well be seeing record levels of 49ers fan engagement on tablets this year).

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