Online Video Search Is Here: New App Enables Viewing of Up to 9 Simultaneous Videos


Ever wanted to find just the right video for your next business presentation, lecture or viewing party? With so much multimedia content scattered across the Internet, Vuemix addresses a need to have an easy way to search, stream and watch videos from a single aggregated platform. Released this week, the new iPad app gives users the ability to preview multiple streaming videos across different categories like: Sports, Movies, Fashion, Technology, News and Music – all from your tablet computer.


Currently the app gives people access to videos on YouTube, NBC, CNN, FOX, MTV, The History Channel and more.

While the new app touts the ability to view up to 9 videos on the screen simultaneously to help simplify video selection and consumption, personally this may lead to sensory overload. This streaming technology with multiple active video windows lets you see what is happening on each web video channel, much like the picture-in-picture function that is available in most televisions.  I must admit, though, that this feature is pretty cool and reminds me of staring at several security camera feeds at the same time, all on one screen.

Started by founder and CEO Govind Kizhepat, Vuemix operates not only as a consumer application, but also as a platform. He tells us that by dynamically combining multiple video clips into a “single video stream of active video tiles, the Vuemix platform is able to deliver a custom interactive experience that is not possible using today’s conventional video platforms.”

What sets this new app apart from competing platforms, is its built-in search algorithm that mimics Google’s text-based search functionality. People can use Vuemix to search for videos in the same way to perform a text search by simply entering in a topic that interests them. They are they presented with search results in video format and can instantly choose which video they wish to view.

As VentureBeat reports, Yahoo, Google, and other video companies crawl the web for video. Vuemix takes this one step further. It indexes the pages, but it also grabs the videos and indexes them continuously. Then it separates the videos into categories. Extracting video is an extremely complex matter, Kizhepat said.

“We have a sophisticated browser emulator in the crowd to grab the videos,” he said. “Once it is grabbed, it is indexed. Then, once it is indexed, we cache it. Caching has been around for a while” with companies such as Akamai. But as a user, you click on a video and they send you one video stream. With Vuemix, the videos are dynamically transcoded (converted instantaneously) in the cloud and mixed into a single stream. It changes the formatting from HTML5 to Flash or another format, as needed.

Another cool feature built into the app, is the ability to create personal video ‘mixes’ to share with your friends on Facebook. People can select their favorite clips and string them together into a visual collection that friends can view at their leisure, on their own device.

According to Kizhepat, “The app has been in beta with about 200 users and we have been tuning the performance and making the UI better for the last 9 months.”

The Vuemix platform gives content creators the flexibility to create immersive and customizable multi-tile video experiences akin to the new Windows Tiles interface on new Microsoft products. Vuemix is fully compatible with existing Web and HTTP standards, and replays video formats dynamically across iPads, Android devices, Apple laptops, and Windows desktop computers. You can upgrade your app for a $2.99 in-app purchase after a “trial” period. The app works with version 5 of Apple’s iOS operating system.


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