Job Survey: Advertising and Public Relations People are Happy, but PR is Very Stressful

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Jan 28, 2013 
Mike Daly  |

Aquent and the American Marketing Association released the results of a survey of 2,600 marketers to help pinpoint the highest paying cities, most in-demand jobs, and most satisfying careers.

The survey revealed that working in advertising was the #5 most satisfying job in marketing. Below is a peek at the top findings.

Marketer’s Expect a Pay Raise in 2013

  • Two-thirds of marketers anticipate salary increases in 2013.
  • One in five expecting an increase of 10 percent of more.

Big City Doesn’t Equal Big Paycheck

  • Marketers in Dallas, St. Louis and Atlanta are making more than their big city counterparts.
  • While Silicon Valley tops the list with the highest average marketing salary of $107,802, when adjusted for cost of living, it adds up to $48,034.
  • Dallas marketing professionals take home the biggest paycheck at $82,418, which really is more like $89,707 when adjusted for cost of living.

Happiest Cities and Happiest Jobs

  • Topping the list of the cities with the happiest marketers were Phoenix, Indianapolis and Houston.
  • Professionals working in public relations, web analytics and strategic planning were found to be most happy with their jobs. (PR was also crowned one of the 10 “most stressful” job by CareerCast in 2012)

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