Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 8)


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Scott Chan, Managing Partner/Creative Director/Founder, Whirled

“Online video will continue to grow as it’s one of the few mediums that truly connects with audiences and leaves a lasting impression.  While new technologies and platforms will emerge, use of video will continue to flourish as one of the most effective methods to create genuine brand engagement.”

Skip Brand, CEO, Martini Media

  • “On rich/custom/native media, social measures will be more valuable for brand advertisers. Social is disruptive and advertisers seek disruptive. Segmentation with social will be more focused on the influencers; you’ll end up with a smaller audience with bigger influencer. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others must be counted, as the measurements and brand advertisers grow more advanced.”
  • “‘Big data’ will become small, actionable insights. The investment in big data will grow by 200%. Big data is the differentiator for programmatic training. The industry will realize that it is the data, not the inventory.”
  • “Measurement will begin to make money for the CMOs and publishers. Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) was a good first step, but we still need move from CTRs to anything else! Move from a ‘saying’ attribution theory to a ‘doing’ attribution theory. When TV money moves, the measurement moves (GRPs).  Brand spend exceeds direct response and requires a new measurement.”

Anupam Gupta, CEO, Mixpo

“2012 was the year of massive video and mobile growth. 2013 will be the year brands build on these two trends and layer in interactivity to engage customers at a deeper level. Why? Consumers demand value-added experiences and Brands can meet that demand through interactive, engaging content.”

Richard Vermillion, CEO, Fulcrum

“In 2013, companies will push to integrate data from web analytics, email, social, and mobile platforms with their transactional data. Tearing down these data silos will let them create more effective and integrated marketing strategies.”

Finnegan Faldi, CEO, TruEffect

  • “Marketers’ growing desire for customer intimacy will drive increased focus on using first-party data to achieve maximum leverage of their valuable customer data assets. “
  • “Privacy concerns will continue to worry both consumers and marketers, resulting in a rapid expansion of digital display advertising deployed in the first-party.”
  • “2013 will see a dramatic rise in the use of first-party cookies in digital display advertising to resolve the challenges marketers are experiencing with third-party cookie deletion.”
  • “3 out of 4 marketers will use digital attribution to understand where to assign credit for outcomes, which will be driven by first-party data accuracy.”
  • “With increased leverage of first-party customer data, a growing number of marketing campaigns will be led by digital and supported by offline rather than being led by offline and supported by digital.”

Michael Benedek, CEO, Datonics

  • “Continued (and accelerated) migration of marketing data/analytics providers from Offline to Online is inevitable. Direct marketers, who have leveraged offline data to reach consumers through direct mail and other traditional offline channels, will continue to follow their target customers as they migrate online and onto mobile devices.  Offline data companies that stand still will be left behind as marketers test, scale and leverage high-performing online data, sometimes on a stand-alone basis and sometimes integrated with offline data.”
  • “Continued migration of advertising budgets from search-to-display is inevitable. Consumers continue to spend a significantly greater proportion of their time browsing than searching.  Sophisticated marketers will continue to migrate their budgets from search to display in order to mirror consumer media consumption patterns, reduce customer acquisition costs, and leverage scalable media sources and integrated and available 3rd party data.”
  • “Demand for data is increasing- still in 2nd or 3rd inning of a long game. Demand for high quality, aggregated 3rd party data will continue to increase as test budgets continue to translate into permanent demand for high-performing data. Consolidation will take place as highest-quality data providers rise to the top. As the need for data grows, data-providing companies will consolidate as providers of high-performing, unique data sets rise to the top of the market.”

Adam Lehman, COO and General Manager, Lotame

“Now that we’ve survived the Mayans’ prediction, I can safely predict that in 2013: 1) RTB-based spending will exceed 25% of display purchasing; 2) U.S. display spending will exceed $19B; 3) More than $1B will be invested in Ad Tech acquisitions; and (4) There will be two Ad Tech IPOs.”

Jason Kelly, CEO, Sociomantic

“Real-time bidding continues to open up new capabilities/channels for e-commerce companies to leverage their vast stores of visitor and CRM data sets across new environments at scale such as FacebookAmazonTwitterApple, etc. We expect to see the line continue to blur between media and e-commerce retailers and travel companies as they push into these new channels leveraging retargeting, RTB and CRM practices to unlock the power of their first-party data assets.”

David Petersen, CEO, Sense Networks

  • “Yahoo! causes mobile acquisition domino effect. Mergers and acquisitions in mobile advertising will take center stage in 2013. We predict that Yahoo! will place a major emphasis on mobile. Start-ups and market leaders will be snatched up by years end as major players look to build up their mobile arsenal.”
  • “AdExchanges will dominate growth in impression supply. While mobile Ad Networks will still be the leading source of impression inventory in 2013, AdExchanges will emerge this year as marketers focus on quality over quantity. As marketers put a greater focus on targeted audience-focused, data-centric ad buying, they will increasingly work with specialized DSP partners who can skim impressions of interest to their customers.”

Hardeep Bindra, CEO, AdBrite

“2013 will be the defining year for optimized audience buying in Mobile and Social over RTB pipes. We expect to see quantification of the Facebook network effect, explosive growth and possible convergence in mobile and video segments. Traditional publishers should be prepared to bring first-party data to facilitate programmatic buying.”

Jeremy Bloom, Co-Founder, Integrate

  • “In the next year, many ad networks – even some of the well-known players – who do not advance their technology and improve their user experience will fold. Brands are moving from large rep driven firms to self-serve technology platforms, and those who do not acknowledge this will go out of business.”
  • “In 2013, B2B marketers will finally breakaway from the decades old practices of Excel spreadsheets, never mind the lunacy of manual batch uploads into CRM and MA platforms. 2013 will finally be the year that B2B marketers begin to bridge the automation gaps that exist between them and their consumer-facing counterparts.”
  • “Apple will lose ground, but not without a fight. We should also expect Apple’s marketing efforts to expand beyond just the consumer and focus on different verticals, such as SMB and Enterprise Businesses.”

Doug Wheeler, Chief Marketing Officer, Optify

  • “With the proliferation of point solutions to manage, measure, and report on various marketing activities, companies are turning to digital marketing agencies to help them take over these efforts. The unprecedented demand contributes to the increase in digital marketing agencies and Optify expects the number to double within the next 3-5 years.”
  • “In 2013 the marketing can expect to see the consolidation of more point-solution tools into integrated solutions as marketers look for better efficiencies and utilization of tracking and reporting.”
  • “In 2012 Google made huge investments in its Analytics solution as well as stronger enforcement of its API terms. With increasing blocked referring data (over 40% of organic searches are blocked), it seems like Google is making a move towards charging for the data it collects and stores. In 2013, we expect Google to reach 95% market share for the B2B Search Market.”
  • “In 2013 the lines between traditional media and new content formats will continue to blur and what will distinguish between journalists and bloggers is the content they create and their reach, not their titles.”

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