Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 7)

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Jan 2, 2013 
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Anna Bager, VP and GM, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence

  • Video on mobile is exploding: “Figuring out the best, most effective advertising models and making sure existing IAB standards like the V-SUITE work well on different mobile devices will help keep that momentum going.”
  • Metric confusion contributes to mobile advertising dysfunction: “Absence of or confusion over metrics is widely cited as one reason why mobile advertising isn’t growing faster than it is.  The stage is set for in-app and mobile web ad measurement guidelines, common definitions and best practices for mobile engagement and interaction metrics.”
  • Increased demand for cross-screen integration: “The industry needs audience measurement services to get better at assessing cross-screen audiences, including mobile.  The IAB has new research underway to demonstrate how different media work together to convey ad messages to consumers.”
  • Smartphone majority: “More than half of all mobile consumers in the US now have smartphones.  That’s a vast audience for media and content, one that grows still bigger when you consider that over 20% of American adults own a tablet.”
  • Mobile advertising is getting more creative: “Tools for building HTML5-based ad creative started hitting the market, and designers are beginning to gain expertise in using them.”
  • Standardization is happening: “The industry is countering fragmentation by standardization as well as growing interest in responsive web design to enable content to transform itself to best suit whatever screen it is on.”

Andrew Pancer, Chief Operating Officer, Media6Degrees (m6d)

  1. “Social leaders (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) will figure out how to monetize their own network inventory. Sponsored Stories and Promoted Tweets paved the way for smart cross platform native formats and the open platform approach (FBX, LinkedIn Ads) will continue to allow 3rd parties to access this inventory and monetize it in new and interesting ways.”
  2. “The understanding that with big data more is not necessarily better will continue to develop. 2nd party data will become more of a buzzword as marketers look to model their 1st party data and utilize it in better ways than pre-packaged solutions purchased on the open market via data exchanges.”

Christopher Hansen, President, Netmining

“Now that Facebook has launched FBX in a bid to better monetize their inventory, I predict they will launch a full-blown ad network working across inventory providers, using data unique to Facebook. The targeting they would be able to implement in display is without a doubt desired by today’s marketers.”

Adobe Media & Advertising Solutions BU

  • The reality of the “living room on the go” will finally emerge as licensing rights and better monetization capabilities enable seamless content portability for consumers.
  • Mobile traffic will continue to sharply rise and drive digital advertising. By the end of 2013, one in three paid clicks could come from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Cross-channel and cross-device measurement will become paramount. In 2013, we can expect continued evolution of cross-channel measurement products from both a reporting and analytics standpoint.

Will Campbell, CEO, Quantasy

Dividing digital media strategies into two main sectors: A) Super custom ‘big idea’ integrated media experiences that will focus on content and experiential executions to drive consumer engagement and interaction. B) A focus on real-time data decision making allowing marketers to become more efficient and precise in targeting audiences.”

Russ Whitman, Chief Strategy Officer, Ratio Interactive

“Consumers will transition from searching for content on their mobile phones and use mobile devices for commerce.  We will see a big transition from E Commerce to Mobile commerce.”

Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder, TabSite

  • Social Media Marketing Goes Mainstream: “As a top priority, we’ll see marketing dollars shift. Savvy marketers will use a mix of content, engagement, and promotions to grab consumer attention and extend reach.”
  • Marketing Shift to Consumers: “The rise of social media and changes in search engine ranking algorithms, shift from the industry from link building to content marketing. Engaging consumer messengers will move to the forefront in 2013.”
  • “Gamification will expand as consumers respond to promotions that reward them for participation and sharing.”
  • Cross-Social Network Promotions: “Social marketing promotions will reach across platforms, bringing two or more social networks into play during a promotion.”
  • Rise of SoLoMo: “The intersection of social, local, and mobile marketing efforts will hit the mainstream.”

Matthew Jacobson, VP, Design Lead, Digitas Chicago and San Francisco

“Web design develops psychic powers. Facebook ads are selected specifically for each user. Google tailors search results to the individual performing the search. In 2013, we’ll see design pick up on these same kinds of clues. The result will be personalized content that provides an enhanced and optimized design experience for each individual.

Chia Chen, Mobile Lead, Digitas North America

“The end of the ‘mobile web.’ Mobile users are increasingly frustrated by ‘mobile-optimized’ websites that don’t have all of the functionality or content of the desktop version. Users want to access all of the brand’s content and functionality from any device. In 2013, we’ll see many more brands turn to responsive web design to implement the ‘one website, multiple devices’ philosophy.

Dave Marsey, SVP, Media Lead, Digitas North America

“Mobile Thursday replaces Cyber Monday. The investment placed behind Mobile Thursday showed in many cases the ability to pull sales forward. Consumers are replacing the behavior of holding off on buying online to Monday to the comforts of their own home while the turkey is cooking. The predominant use of tablets reinforces this comfort behavior. With offline stores opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving, the entire behavior of holiday shopping is being pulled forward.”

Olivia Yabsley, VP, Head of Social and Content, Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

“Smarter content, better distribution. 2013 will be about not just crafting great content, but perfecting the way in which it is: 1) Distributed (which platforms, what time of day, via which methods, etc.), 2) Optimized (for what platforms? Mobile? Broadcast? Online? What of SEO?), and 3) Continually Managed (measuring, listening, reacting and iterating).”

Mike Baker, President & CEO, DataXu

  • “Marketing plans will be tightly integrated across all channels to reach consumers everywhere.”
  • “‘Programmatic buying’ will be how media is purchased, and will extend even further into mobile and video in 2013.”
  • “Mobile advertising will be all about tablets, especially those with 7-inch screens following the holiday influx.”

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