Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 5)

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Jan 2, 2013 
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James Walker, CEO, Inadco

“After years of spending a majority of their Display marketing budgets on generating demand, brand advertisers will start allocating an increasing percentage of their budgets towards capturing some of that demand by utilizing new and innovative solutions for lead capture and driving transactions.”

Ran Cohen, President, Legolas Media

  • “Programmatic premium continues growing as a key component in every display and video buy.”
  • “Message and frequency converge across digital devices.”
  • “Social ads start to replace display ads on social networks.”
  • “Mobile advertising booms internationally, as users jump directly to web-enabled phones.”
  • “CTR continues dying, replaced by brand-related KPIs.”

Gui Schvartsman, CEO, RevMob

“In 2013 we expect mobile advertisers to begin targeting users globally as apps are translated into more languages, and for those advertisers to target both low and high-end devices on the iOS and Android markets. We also expect advertisers to hand over campaign management to networks with more advanced tools.”

Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, NetBase

“As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ and I believe this is really true. Sometimes, when I can’t explain something, I create an image. When I want to share a moment, I snap a photo, rather than capture it in a journal.  And, believe me, I am not the only one.  In fact, these days instead of writing to our friends, family and even fans, over one billion of us post photos on Facebook,  Pinterest, Tubmlr, Instagram and the list goes on and on and on.

“Consumers are doing this to communicate what they are thinking, feeling, what they are excited or sad about, what they think of the food they ate, the outfit they bought – just about anything happening in their day.  For the last few years marketers have been scrambling to understand the content of conversation in social media to help impact the effectiveness of their digital marketing.  And there are lot of words to understand out there, and from which to gain insight.  But just think about how many more ‘words’ there are in understanding what is happening in photos.  Is your brand in the photo? If so, what are people doing, where are they, who is with them, and of course how many ‘likes’ does it get.  So, my prediction is that in 2013 there is going to be a rush for digital marketers to find a way to understand the content of images posted in social media, it is a natural next step.

Joe Apprendi, CEO, Collective

“2013 will be the year we see digital channel/screen silos breakdown.  In 2012, data-driven, multi-screen solutions became a reality — not just from a product perspective, but with industry structure (e.g. agencies buying TV across linear/digital devices).  I believe the catalyst was political advertising in 2012, driven by the presidential election.”

Molly Glover Gallatin, VP of Marketing, Compass Labs

“Facebook will spruce up its search functionality.  I foresee Facebook unleashing the power of their search bar and results page in 2013. They will combine pure algorithmic search results with interactive social elements for a unique, new user experience, simultaneously creating new opportunities for Ads API partners. I see “searched for” as a defined open graph action in our futures!”

Kurt Abrahamson, CEO, ShareThis

“Sharing becomes a must-buy for brands: Advertisers can raise brand affinity by reaching the most engaged audiences on the sites with the highest rates of social sharing. This will signal a shift from lower-funnel direct response and retargeting campaigns.”

Andrew Bud, Founder and Board Member, mBlox

  1. “OTT messaging and how it co-exists/competes with SMS will become a main topic of conversation. For the first time, P2P SMS volumes are down due to the growth of messaging apps and smartphone messaging services; despite this, we will continue to see growth in  B2P messaging as brands and enterprises shift more of their communications with customer to mobile.”
  2. “The number of tablets shipped in 2012 totaled 100 million as consumers leverage the latest technology in their handheld devices. Even though tablet sales are increasing, the novelty of the shiny new devices is fading – customers are becoming more demanding of practical value, useful services and nice experiences.”
  3. “Mobile engagement is about establishing a continuing conversation with the consumer via the device, encouraging them to open the app more often. Once focused on the number of times an app was downloaded, brands will shift their mentality about what metrics are considered important in mobile. Measurements of the time each person spends in the app, how often the app is opened and other metrics tied to behavior once in the app will become the defining points of success.”

Skip Besthoff, CEO,InboundWriter

“For content marketing, 2013 will bring significant advancements in automation and intelligence. New applications will greatly improve the efficiency of creating original content, and a new breed of predictive analytics will emerge in order to enable content producers to further customize and enhance online content.”

David Jakubowski, CEO, Aggregate Knowledge

“The addition of social channels (like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others) into the analysis and measurement game will emerge just like Facebook has in 2012. Facebook has opened up their API as a way to quantify the value they bring to brands and others will follow suit as they look to exploit marketing dollars looking for a home.”

Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Strategy Officer, Aggregate Knowledge

“Brands will continue to leverage more and more CRM data. Repeatability and scale is driving brands to try to unify siloed solutions in the cloud for easier decision-making. They will demand ownership of their data, their segmentation and how they activate and measure segments across all of their media buys.”

Mark Hughes, CEO, C3 Metrics

  1. “Despite argument on viewable impressions, by July 2013 all agency Insertion Orders will stipulate only viewed display impressions will be paid for.”
  2. “Display CPMs for viewed impressions will correspondingly rise 50%.”
  3. “Less than 15% of websites will be to mobile specifications.”

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