Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 4)


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Lou Mastria, Executive Director, DAA

“2012 was the year that the DAA Industry Self-Regulatory Program became the standard for responsible data use for intelligent online advertising.  We see this expanding on three fronts in 2013.  1: Globally, Canada will join the list of countries implementing DAA’s self-regulation; 2: Channel-wise, we will export the DAA principles to the Mobile App environment; and 3: Our efforts to increase Consumer awareness – including recognition of the Ad Options Icon, will accelerate.  We already achieve more than 13 million uniques to the Your Ad Choices site, and we expect that to pass 20 million uniques in the coming months, with more consumers gaining a greater understanding of the online advertising ecosystem through the DAA Industry Self-Regulatory Program.”

Russell Glass, CEO and Co-Founder, Bizo

“With the arrivals of Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook’s Exchange, social media for B2B will make its mark. In 2013 the fully integrated marketing stack will emerge in the B2B realm, tying CRM to marketing automation, online advertising and social media. This will ultimately lead to real multi-channel attribution.”

Jason Miletsky, CEO, MyPod Studios

“The number of online video ads will surge in 2013. Continued economic insecurity will translate to lower corporate spending across the board, and marketing budgets will be slashed. Online video advertising is an effective, lower cost marketing option, so companies with smaller advertising budgets will pull back from TV advertising and instead divert their funds into online avenues.”

Scott Neuberger, President, Infocore

“Expect email marketing to continue its upscale trend in 2013 as affluent consumers – increasingly using tablets and smartphones – now access email on multiple devices at home and at work day and night.  Open rates will increase, triggering higher click-through rates – and resulting in more sales particularly for higher ticket items.”

Scott Meyer, CEO, Evidon

“This is the year that the industry finally benefits from revealing the invisible web.  With the incredible explosion in tracking technology driving the industry to new heights, more and more companies will be taking a harder look at what it means to ‘add one more pixel.’  Brands, publishers and agencies will be taking a much more critical eye to how they manage vendors who have previously been invisible to them.  Data Governance, Speed and Transparency will be key watchwords complementing the ever increasing focus on privacy globally.”

Ravi Kamran, CEO, Trademob

“In 2013, the mobile marketing industry will continue to embrace the power of big data and use it in the optimization of campaigns. New technologies have made way for in-depth tracking, which allows mobile marketers to automate campaign optimization, identifying the best way to allocate marketing spend and maximize ROI.”

Eric Franchi, Co-founder, Undertone

The IAB’s Rising Stars will continue their growth into 2013, spurred by both publisher adoption and advertiser demand. Half of the top publishers currently accommodate these larger, immersive ads units and that should rise to 90% next year. This greater adoption will give brands better branding avenues, ultimately forcing the industry to abandon clicks as a success metric.

Ricky Liversidge, CMO, DG

“Multiscreen is becoming more common among consumers. It is still at the test and trial stage, but it will become a normal thing in the next 18 months. Mobile and TV cannot be treated as separate channels anymore, and synchronization is needed to put different devices together. All TV channels, be they of push content, on demand or from the Internet, will also be connected.”

Daina Middleton, Global CEO, Performics

“The age of participant marketing, already upon us, will see further proliferation through increased adoption of mobile in 2013. Consumers, more aptly called participants, are in control in this new environment, and they are demanding a reciprocal relationship requiring a value exchange. With the participant ‘always on’ brands face both an opportunity and a challenge in how they interact with customers. 2013 is the year for marketers to embrace this new age of participation.”

Alex Levy, Managing Partner, Silicon Alley Media

TV will become more like digital and digital will become more like TV.  Part of this will be due to brands trying new things in both segments, and utilizing newly available tools that enable the activation of ‘Big Data.’  Because of the benefits from big data that these tools provide and the better access to move of it that will become available, smart marketers will begin to tout ‘better data’ more than big data.

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